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Gyproc is a type of plasterboard made by British Gypsum, they are both a part of the French parent company - Saint-Gobain. Many products made by British Gypsum within the Saint-Gobain company will carry the name Gyproc, which is another name they use for gypsum plasterboard. Here we will look at some of the major product lines and types of plasterboard that fall under the Gyproc umbrella.

Our Gyproc Range

  • British Gypsum Gyproc Soundbloc Plasterboard: Soundbloc is suitable for refurbishment and new build construction where acoustic insulation is required. This is a plasterboard with a higher-density core that helps it to deliver greater levels of sound protection. All Gyproc Soundbloc products are good for an immediate improvement to an occupants' quality of life. SoundBloc is excellent because it packs a lot of density into a very lightweight and effective board, it is just 15mm thick and complies with EN520 – Type D&F.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Habito Board: Habito plasterboards are high-performance boards within the Gyproc plasterboard range. As the name suggests, Habito plasterboards are ideal for interior living spaces. It is simple to paint or decorate directly onto the board, so you have a faster build. This speed is also helped by its tapered-edge finish. You can also buy British Gypsum Gyproc Habito Board High-Performance Screws, which are made of corrosion-resistant self-tapping black phosphate-plated steel.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc DuraLine: Using Gyproc DuraLine plasterboards will give you excellent sound insulation, impact resistance and fire performance making it a very solid all-rounder. DuraLine products use a high-density core to achieve their very low thermal conductivity rating, which is just 0.25W/mK. As a result, you do not need large thicknesses. Duraline insulated plasterboard is also available with SoundBloc and ActivAir features - for better acoustic insulation that helps to improve indoor air quality.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc ThermaLine Insulated Plasterboard: Gyproc ThermaLine is CFC and HCFC-free and highly useful in areas where a low level of insulation is required - such as bedrooms. ThermaLine is suitable for any areas where it is necessary to reduce heat loss from a building, such as residential blocks and commercial offices. ThermaLine products use a variety of materials. When even greater levels of thermal insulation are required there are also Gyproc ThermaLine PLUS and Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER varieties available.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc FireLine: FireLine is a Gyproc product for wall or ceiling systems where greater levels of fire protection are necessary. FireLine is an ultra-high-performance board, even the 15mm Gyproc FireLine boards will provide fire protection to structural steel. You can get two outstanding performances with FireLine, as it is moisture-resistant as well. Gyproc FireLine products are excellent for fire-protected areas that have problems with moisture, as they contain special water-repellent additives.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Wallboard: If you want a reliable and multi-functional board suitable for a variety of settings and that you can use for almost anything - Gyproc Wallboard products are a great choice. It comes with a square or tapered edge and three thicknesses, 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 15mm. Gyproc Wallboard is good for walls, partitions and ceilings. Gyproc Wallboard products are available with a tapered edge to speed up the build process for interior or stud partition walls, ceilings and other areas where plasterboard is in use.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Standard: Gyproc Standard is a basic type of plasterboard without many special features, which makes it useful for residential projects and DIY use. Gyproc Standard uses advanced natural gypsum and comes with several thicknesses, so it is high quality and versatile - but will not block sound or damp very well. Gyproc Standard is available in tapered and square-edge cuts. These boards are also made of completely non-combustible materials.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Core: Gyproc Core is a type of board that is useful in areas where there is a high level of moisture or where vapour can cause a risk of condensation. They use a foil laminate to control vapour very effectively. Gyproc Core boards are ideal for walls, and you can easily use adhesive to fix them as they are very lightweight. Gyproc Core has the added benefits of being fire-resistant and sound insulating, so you get a multi-functional board with very good water and vapour control.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Profilex Gyptone: Gyproc Profilex products consist of ceiling panels that offer excellent noise reduction properties. They are a Class C sound absorber, so are in the top half of the classification system, and perform with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.75. Gyproc Profilex panels are ready to be fixed to the ceiling, painted or decorated. The Profilex range is a completely integrated ceiling system and is of very high quality, suitable for commercial environments or common areas in residential buildings.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Moisture Resistant: The Gyproc Moisture Resistant product line is similar to the Gyproc Standard line, in that it is very versatile but does not offer much specialisation. Gyproc moisture-resistant boards are designed to be ready for tiling, so they are an excellent option for small-scale DIY and bathroom projects or kitchen renovations. For walls, ceilings or partition systems where greater moisture resistance is necessary Gyproc Moisture Resistant boards are a solid, dependable go-to choice.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc Duplex Cream Vapour: This is one of the best wall or ceiling linings when vapour control is required. Duplex Cream Vapour reduces the risk of condensation by using a specialised membrane on the back. This product will also work for ceilings where vapour control is required. Gyproc Duplex plasterboard is overall a mid-range good option. Using a simple vapour control layer that complies with EN 14191 you can easily add good moisture-resistant properties to any wall or ceilings - as well as fire resistance.
  • British Gypsum Gyproc HandiBoard: Gyproc HandiBoard is a board with a very low thermal conductivity that comes in smaller sizes, with the intention of being easy to handle for smaller projects, DIY work and occasional or temporary repairs. Gyproc Handi Board comes with a thermal conductivity of 0.19W/mK - so it complies with the EN 520 standard. Handi Board products are ideal for a fast and thorough job at a small scale, as they are also available with ivory face paper - fully ready to paint or decorate.
  • Gyproc Warmline: Using Gyproc Warmline boards will give you a moderate level of thermal insulation, thanks to the board's extruded polystyrene insulant. It is the ideal dot and dab product with a thermal resistance (or R-value)  of 0.374. It is also a very environmentally friendly choice, as it is completely CFC and HCFC-free. Gyproc Warmline is a very dependable insulated plasterboard, but this makes it only suitable for rooms where a low level of insulation is necessary.

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Gyproc Accessories 

The Gyproc plasterboard brand stands out among the various boards offered by British Gypsum. Gyproc also includes a variety of useful products such as the following:

  • Gyproc joint tape
  • Gyproc corner tape
  • Gyproc ReadyMix joint cement
  • Gyproc sealant

These accessories are useful but not typically necessary for installing Gyproc plasterboard. Although some boards will require specific types of fittings, there is no need to use Gyproc plasterboard-branded accessories and fixings.

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