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One popular and significant plasterboard, adhesive and mechanical fixings manufacturer is Knauf. Knauf plasterboards are ideal for use in refurbishments and new builds in both commercial and residential buildings. Overall, Knauf as a company is known throughout much of the world for its reliability and high-performance wallboards, adhesives, joint fillers and many other related construction products.

History of Knauf Plasterboards

Knauf has its roots in a German-founded company from the 1930s, but it is now a global conglomerate operating in over 60 countries. Knauf has greatly diversified from plasterboards since it started but is still known as a reputable manufacturer of all sorts of gypsum products.

Knauf plasterboards and other products are so well-known that Knauf even has a showroom in London. The company positions itself as a leading manufacturer that delivers a consistent level of quality, so aims to cater to the following sectors: 

  • Commercial projects: Whether it is a new airport or another type of big-budget project, Knauf pushes its products for the commercial sector.
  • Healthcare: As healthcare standards improve across the world, building standards improve too - Knauff wants to target this emerging market.
  • Education: Similarly, as education standards rise, Knauff wants to be the go-to manufacturer for new private or public schools and universities.
  • Residential: Knauf seeks to place its products in huge projects, including whole new towns in some cases, in many regions throughout the world. 

The global reach of the Knauf plasterboard brand makes it ideal for almost any use. Global production facilities, there are over 150 operated by Knauf, also make their products very accessible  

Whether you are a tradesperson, architect or competent DIYer you can easily make use of their plasterboard, adhesive, and other products with confidence.

You still need to find a reliable supplier who delivers goods when they say they will. Make sure to look for quality services, such as those that have fast delivery or collection times - as well as a reputation for working with professional tradesmen. 

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What Knauf Plasterboard Products Are There?

With a huge amount of resources at the company’s disposal, Knauf plasterboard products are diverse. Some of their products are extremely specialised and designed for use only in certain situations yet many are useful as general building supplies. However, several key products are useful for construction in the UK.

The following are some particularly useful Knauf products available:

  • Aquapanel Exterior Cement Boards: The Aquapanel Exterior Cement Boards are for use on exterior walls to provide a weatherproofing effect. The boards can withstand extreme heat, rain and snow. Curves are easy to create with these exterior wallboards, and they are also simple to score and snap when shaping them. Cement boards are a specialist product but illustrate the benefits that many Knauf plasterboards have as a low-cost, high-quality option.
  • Knauf Aquapanel Interior Joint Tape: When internal thermal insulation is required you can guarantee the very best performance from your insulated plasterboard by using quality joint tapes on gypsum boards - whether those are Knauf plasterboards or not. Whether the wall is receiving a plaster finish or other decoration this will help to prevent any issues. Quality joint tape helps to create a smooth surface for decorating, even when you use a square edge board - so good quality tape is vital to get the best results. 
  • Knauf Aquapanel Joint Filler: A high-quality joint filler suitable for bedding and jointing the board you are fixing is essential, and Knauf has this product that will be ideal for use in tandem with Knauf plasterboards - suitable for hand application only. If you need a specialist joint filler look for Knauf joint filler premium products. Note this product above is specially designed to be bonded to 9.5mm Knauff wallboards from the Aquapanel range - as well as other standard sizes. 
  • Knauf Fire Panels: A Knauf Fire Panel offers excellent protection against fire. This particular type of Knauf plasterboard has 1 hour of fire resistance, which makes it a solid mid-level to high-performance fire-rated plasterboard. You can greatly improve a building’s fire resistance with this relatively thin board, which is just 15mm thick. Please note this product is not supplied with a tapered edge, so you may need to buy a separate board with a tapered edge for direct decoration - if this is required.
  • Knauf Plank Acoustic Plasterboard: Acoustic plasterboard provides some of the most tangible benefits to the average occupant - as there are immediate improvements to your quality of life in terms of better sleep, privacy and less noise disturbance. Acoustic Knauf plasterboard is quite useful for room-in-roof situations, as it also adds good thermal efficiency. Knauf is known for quality and consistency, so it is a good plasterboard brand for acoustic insulation - as any dips in performance will not be very noticeable.

Looking For Knauf Plasterboards?

Knauf is a high-quality brand and offers a diverse range of products, including wallboards such as Aquapanel Exterior boards, Fire Panel boards and Plank Acoustic plasterboards - as well as adhesives and joint fillers for use with their products. We have a great range for sale through our website, and professionals stand to gain even more through our trade accounts.

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