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A range of options are available when attaching things to your plasterboard walls or ceilings. A plasterboard fixing is the best option to protect both your walls and the items you wish to secure to them, compared to other weaker options like screws and adhesives. Plasterboard fixings function in several ways, either screwing into the plasterboard or anchoring themselves on the other side to offer support. 

In this section, we’ll explore your options when shopping for plasterboard fixings, and show a few of the popular branded options. With proper research and care, it is perfectly possible to securely hang everything from shelves to TVs to flower baskets from your plasterboard walls. When drilling into plasterboard it is always worth using a stud finder to ensure you avoid drilling into studs, pipes, or electrical wiring before you start.

Your Options For Plasterboard Fixings

Self Drive 

Self-driving plasterboard fixings consist of an outer thread you can drive into a wall and a screw. It’s important to drill a pilot hole of 2mm or 3mm first to keep the self-driving thread steady. Once this is drilled into the plasterboard you can then attach the screw to its centre. They are suited to the thickness of plasterboard and are capable of handling lighter weights of 20kg or less.


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Plastic Toggle

Plastic toggles are inserted into pre-drilled holes in plasterboard. The size to drill will be indicated on the product specifications. Plastic toggles have a triangle structure that collapses to move through the hole and expands on the other side of the plasterboard, anchoring them in place. These are only suitable for light fittings, but can hold up to 5kg in weight, and will also work on ceilings, albeit for a much lighter weight.

Rubber Anchor Nut 

A rubber anchor nut is a thick rubber tube with a thread at its centre, designed to be hammered into a plasterboard. You’ll need to drill a hole beforehand, checking the diameter of the rubber anchor nut on its specifications. Carefully hammer in the rubber anchor nut for a sturdy lightweight fixing in your plasterboard wall.

Rosett Cavity Fixings

Rosett cavity fixings are built to support a larger weight. They consist of an anchor and a screw and need to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole, the size of which will be on the product specifications. They are made with a nylon frame, which flattens against the other side of the plasterboard when tightened by a screw, leaving the anchor securely fastened. They can hold about 80kg in weight. 

Hollow Wall Anchor

Hollow wall anchors are designed to hold a heavier weight, by expanding on the other side of a plasterboard wall once inserted. They consist of an anchor and a screw and can either be installed manually or by using a hollow wall anchor setting tool. You will need to pre-drill a hole to insert them into, the size of which will be on the product specifications. A setting tool fits around the screw and pulls it back whilst fitting the hollow wall anchor. 

To install manually, push the anchor's teeth into the plasterboard then tighten the screw to secure the anchor. Hollow wall anchors cannot be removed from your wall once installed, and support up to 50kg weight. Hollow wall anchors come in different lengths for materials of different thicknesses, so make sure that you buy one at the thickness of your plasterboard walls to ensure it works properly.

Toggle Bolt

Toggle bolts are designed to support heavier weights, with metal wings that open on the other side of your plasterboard wall. Toggle bolts fold down to fit through a pre-drilled hole, the size of which will be listed in the product specification. Toggle bolts tighten against the plasterboard as you screw in the bolt, securing firmly in place. They are excellent for attaching stronger items like TVs or bookshelves, holding up to 45kg in weight. They also work well in ceilings, holding up to 15kg.

Popular Brands of Plasterboard Fixings 

Fischer DuoPower 

Fischer makes a range of plastic wall plugs designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the plasterboard. The size of the hole needed will be in the product specifications. The plugs can be inserted using only a hammer to flatten them into place. They can hold up to 15kg in weight.


Geefix claims to sell the strongest plasterboard fixing on the market. They require a pre-drilled 1-inch hole, which you feed a plastic anchor into, pulling it into place with a plug using a pull cord. The pull cord is then removed leaving two holes that are tightened with screws, leaving a central thread for the main screw. A shelf built on two Geefix fixings was capable of holding 125kg in weight.


Gripit’s are plasterboard fittings designed to support heavy weights. They are available in four sizes, from 15mm to 25mm in width, with their strongest models able to support up to 113kg. Gripits are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then hammered into place. By turning a screwdriver clockwise in the central cam they extend arms on the other side of the plasterboard, securing the fixing in place. 

Screwing Into Studs

You can also screw directly into the wooden studs behind your plasterboard wall. This is usually stronger than any plasterboard fixing, though limited in where you can place the screws. If screwing into studs, use a stud finder to identify their locations and mark the centre of the stud.

Which Plasterboard Fixing is Right For You? 

All plasterboard fixings are inexpensive, making it easier to buy the choice that is right for you. It’s worth considering the weight you wish to hang on your fixing, your DIY abilities, and whether you want to attach your plasterboard fixing to the wall or the ceiling.

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