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While all plasterboard is used for lining or creating new walls, there are many different types available. You might want to use plasterboard for a wall or ceiling, but you may also want to choose a different type of plasterboard to achieve a certain goal in terms of performance.

Plasterboard types are usually differentiated by their features. The main types of plasterboard available in the UK include the following:

  • Sound Resistant Plasterboard: Also known as acoustic plasterboard. This provides great sound insulation by adding a dense layer of gypsum deep into the plasterboard product. Fixing boards with adhesives instead of fixings can enhance sound insulation, as there will be no air gaps.
  • Fire-resistant Plasterboard: One of the most important types of plasterboard is fire-resistant boards, which improve fire performance and are useful for flats and shared buildings. Fire boards are measured by the number of minutes they can resist fire and still provide fire protection.
  • Moisture Resistant Plasterboard: For wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms moisture resistant plasterboard is a good option. With special water-resistant and water-repellent substances, you can make sure you can use a shower or basin without worrying about splashes or humidity issues.
  • Vapour Resistant Plasterboard: Vapour-resistant plasterboard is completely impermeable by moisture. By using a foil-backed design, these types of plasterboard will remove the possibility of any moisture penetrating the board, keeping the entire wall area completely dry.
  • Insulated Plasterboard: Thermal efficiency is a key benefit to many types of plasterboard but some go the extra mile for better performance, by using larger thicknesses and an extra sheet of insulating material. The material fits discreetly between the boards, so you never see a difference.
  • Dense Plasterboard: If you are looking for impact-resistant plasterboard then a denser core is an ideal option. Dense plasterboard is ideal for public spaces, including schools, hospitals, train stations, airports and any other place where a lot of people are likely to congregate. 
  • External Plasterboard: By using completely water-resistant plasterboard you can make external walls more efficient but on the outside of a building. With a robust external sheathing board, a structure can easily handle any type of weather - and also protect the integrity of a building.
  • Plank Plasterboard: Plank is a thicker type of plasterboard made by many manufacturers. It is useful when the thickness of the walls is not such an issue, such as in hallways, elevator shafts and stairwells - as it provides a great level of sound insulation and good levels of fire resistance too.

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Mixed Variations

 You can also get mixed-feature plasterboards, such as fire-acoustic dry lining boards that will give you excellent fire protection - while also providing effective sound insulation. Lots of the additives that manufacturers add to a board will do multiple things at once - such as strengthening while maintaining a lightweight.

Although there are many types of plasterboard, there are also different manufacturers to choose from. Established manufacturers, who make some or all of the types of plasterboard mentioned above include the following:

  • British Gypsum
  • BuildingMaterials.co.uk
  • Celotex
  • Ecotherm
  • Fermacell
  • GTEC
  • Kingspan
  • Knauf
  • Recticel
  • Warmline

There are also different types of edges in plasterboard, such as taper-edge boards - that make the process of putting a wall together much faster. Straight-edge boards are versatile and easy to cut, but if you are installing dry lining across a large area this may not be the best option.

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The Best Type of Plasterboard for Walls

When it comes to selecting your plasterboard, the features of the board are less relevant to the dimensions. Usually, the plasterboard thickness needed for walls is 12.5mm, 13mm or 15mm - but sizes of some types of plasterboard can reach up to 19 mm in thickness, occasionally more!

It can be difficult to determine what type of plasterboard is best for a wall or ceiling. However, the good news is that whatever thickness you select - walls do not have the same problems that come from gravity that ceilings do. 

The Best Type of Plasterboard for Ceilings

When working on a ceiling the most lightweight boards are the best option. The appropriate thickness for ceiling plasterboard is usually 9.5mm to 12.5mm - you will see this type of thickness on types of plasterboard that are specifically designed for ceilings, such as acoustic plasterboard.

It is theoretically possible to fit thicker plasterboard to a ceiling, but this can easily lead to trouble when taping, skimming and plastering the joints. Remember that boards need extra support on a ceiling, so avoid fixing with adhesives if you can. 

Are Certain Types of Plasterboard Better for the Environment?

Gypsum is an easily recyclable material, so it is generally speaking not bad for the environment. Some of the additives in specific types of plasterboard can cause some issues during their disposal, such as the foil-backed designs of vapour-resistant plasterboard, but gypsum boards can be completely recycled into new gypsum products.

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The type of plasterboard you require for your project will depend on what you are trying to achieve. For bathrooms, shower rooms or even kitchens you may want a moisture-resistant plasterboard. For shared spaces, you may be required by law to use fire-resistant plasterboard. If you are unsure which type to use, it is always best to consult a specialist for advice. We have a great range of plasterboards of all types available through our website.

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