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MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard, consisting of thin panels made from a combination of resin, wax and wood fibres. It is an exceptionally versatile and reliable building material. There are many advantages of using MDF. Compared to other sheet materials like plywood and chipboard, MDF is more durable, resilient and significantly denser. Hence why MDF sheets can be used in almost any application where solid wood is required.

Uses of MDF

MDF panels are dense and have many uses across various industries. It is a versatile material to work with, and there are numerous practical uses for it in both domestic and commercial applications. Here are just some of the uses for MDF:

  • Cabinets – It's common to find MDF cabinets which have been finished with a solid wood primer or laminate coating.
  • Decoration – MDF decorative panels have aesthetic value but also have physical properties similar to solid wood, hence why it is suitable for many indoor decoration projects.
  • Flooring – Domestic interior products are often made from MDF boards, and this includes floor panels. You can even get an MDF skirting board. This engineered product works well in homes and offices, and even floor underlays, as its acoustic properties help to minimise sound and noise disturbances.
  • Furniture – Especially measured MDF wall panels are used, having been given a laminate coating.
  • Doors and framing – While plywood is a common material, Medium Density Fibreboard has its fair share of uses indoors, mouldings and frames.
  • Exterior uses – There are some special waterproof MDF boards which can be used on the outsides of buildings as well, which includes anything from cladding to front doors. Water-resistant MDFs withstand larger amounts of humidity and moisture, making them perfect for exterior use.

Advantages of MDF

There are numerous advantages of using MDF in your project, as opposed to using other sheet materials like plywood.

  • MDF is smooth – Because of its smooth surface, there are never any knots or rings on any MDF sheet. This sheet material also makes a superb surface for painting due to its smoothness.
  • Veneering – Veneered MDF is a tremendous alternative to solid wood or particleboard. Oak veneer MDF is a particularly popular choice.
  • Easily customisable – Many MDF shelving and cabinet panels come in a massive range of sizes and styles. Because of its unique structure, MDF boards can be cut, shaped, sanded and drilled in numerous ways without succumbing to any splinters, tears or cracks. MDF also has a very smooth surface which is perfect for painting.
  • High water resistance – Using waterproof MDF in rooms with high moisture is quite common. There are special moisture-resistant MDF products which will be suitable for areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Cost-effective – While not necessarily the cheapest product on the market, it is fair to say MDF prices are competitive when compared to other sheet materials. You are getting your money’s worth when buying MDF for your project.

High-quality MDF suppliers

Building Materials Nationwide distribute numerous MDF sheets from some top UK manufacturers like Norbord and Caberfloor. The boards we can distribute come in a vast range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs. We can even arrange for them to be cut to size, ahead of sending them to you if that would be easier. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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