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Internal bifold doors can create an attractive and removable border between the rooms of a house, or alternatively, save floor space in their single-width design. Opting for a folding door that features panes of glass can help flood your home with natural light, with a range of design options and specialist glass types available.

The Benefits of Internal Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are most popularly used as patio doors or back doors, creating a wide and transparent bridge from interior to exterior. However, they can also provide benefits within the interior of a building. Their main benefit is allowing light to easily travel between rooms. This can be especially useful within darker internal areas. 

The other benefit offered by bifold doors is that they can be opened nearly fully, folding like a concertina on either one or both sides to create open-plan living spaces, while quickly closing into a solid room divider. This can be great for hosting larger gatherings like parties, or just to allow you to reconfigure previously separate rooms.

For single-width bifold doors, installed within regular frames, the clear benefit is the reduction in the door’s radius, meaning that a greater amount of floor space will be usable within a room.

Where Are Bifold Doors With Glass Used Internally?

When we talk about internal bifold doors with glass, there are two designs, the multi-panel bifold doors resembling those used externally, and single-width bifold doors which will look comparable to a regular solid door, except with a hinge down the vertical centre allowing it to be folded when open.

Larger internal folding doors are typically used to connect communal environments within a home. This could be used to connect a living room to a conservatory or to bridge a dining room and a kitchen. The design of the bifold door means that they can be opened to essentially create one larger room, or closed to make two private spaces.

Smaller bifold doors with glass are used as doors within a home, a great choice to prioritise light and space-saving.

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Design Options

After choosing multi-panel or single bifold doors for your project there will still be several other options to consider. Internal bifold doors are typically made of wood, whether authentic or engineered, though there are sometimes metal framed options available.

Multi-Panel Bifold Doors With Glass

Depending on the size and number of panels, a few different design options will be available. Many bi-fold doors will fold entirely onto one side, moving on tracks to stack against your wall. Others will be made of two sets of doors that join in the middle and fold towards their own side. 

Another choice is for a bifold door set with an access door. This will have a single door on one side that joins with a bifold door, meaning that for those looking to quickly move through a house the access door can be used. 

The design of the glass within an internal bifold door can range, from the classic design of a large glass pane with a rectangular frame around it to other internal looks. Some will have multiple glazed panels between wooden crosses, or more carefully shaped glass designs. Some others will have solid wood on the bottom half of the door and glass on the top half.

Single Interior Bifold Doors With Glass

Single bifold doors with glass will have a few different designs available, with some featuring full-length glass panels on both sides, others featuring smaller glass panels broken up by wooden crosses, and some having solid wood on the bottom half of the door and a framed glass panel on the top half. These doors will be made from wood or engineered wood and can be painted in a range of colours.

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Glass Options

While transparent glass will be the standard look, you’ll find both frosted and stained looks available too, offering privacy or aesthetic benefits.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is available in both multi-panel and single-bifold doors. This is great for situations where privacy is needed, such as bedroom or bathroom doors, or to create more private communal spaces. Frosted glass will not stop light from entering or moving through a home.

Stained Glass

Installing stained glass panels within an internal bifold door will be a specialist job with a historic look, but can bring personality and colour to older homes. Stained glass will also offer a level of privacy. Stained glass is a specialist product that will either need to be sourced or custom-produced, but there are several manufacturers within the UK.

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