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Gardening and landscaping projects can require a substantial amount of soil and compost, and it’s crucial to have the exact volume ready on-site before you start work. Should you lack the necessary levels, this can cause delays, costing you time and damaging your professional reputation.

Building Materials Nationwide offers a fantastic service for professionals across the UK, with bulk bags of quality soil and compost available for delivery to you, ensuring timely work and satisfied clients.

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Catering to All Sizes of Landscaping Projects

Whether you're breathing new life into a small garden or overhauling a large outside space, our team is ready to meet your every need. Our comprehensive range of soil and compost, from trusted brands like Dandy's and SupaGrow, is sold in a range of volumes, including bulk bags, helping us to precisely cater to every project size, ensuring you’re ready to start work.

Sizing Options to Match Every Requirement

We want to empower professionals, delivering them the exact products and materials they need, in the quantities they need them, all from a single point of contact. When looking to purchase soil and compost we offer a range through our website, with both bulk bags and multipacks of smaller bags available.

  • 500kg (20 x 25kg bags):Comprising twenty 25kg bags, this option is tailor-made for those smaller projects. Whether you're rejuvenating a garden, enhancing a flower bed, or revitalising a small patch of land, this amount ensures you have just the right quantity without excess left over.
  • 750kg (1 x Bulk bag): Bulk bags are a highly convenient and manageable solution for medium or large-scale projects. Whether you're improving a community garden, renovating a residential lawn, or setting up a commercial landscape, the 750kg bag offers the right balance of quantity and convenience.
  • 1000kg (50 x 25kg bags): Comprising forty 25kg bags, this size is ideal for larger undertakings such as total landscape redesigns, extensive garden overhauls, or big commercial landscaping projects. It also allows you to stockpile supplies for use across several projects.

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  1. Bordermix Topsoil (900/001/97488)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Screened to 14mm
    Price from: £110.35 £132.42
  2. Lawnmix Topsoil (900/001/97487)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Peat free
    Price from: £104.59 £125.51
  3. Price from: £109.76 £131.71

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Bulk Savings for Larger Landscaping Projects

If you're tackling a larger landscaping project, consider the advantages of our bulk bag options. Not only will they provide a significant quantity of soil or compost, but will also offer considerable savings compared to purchasing the same amount in smaller 25kg bags. This bulk buying option means you can keep your project cost-effective without compromising on the quality or quantity of the materials needed.

When you order in bulk, we offer free delivery for orders over £500. At Building Materials Nationwide, we're committed to providing solutions that are as versatile as the projects you undertake. When you buy through us, you can choose the right size for your needs and reap the benefits of tailored quantities and bulk savings.

When you sign up for a trade account through our website, you’ll gain access to even greater savings. Pairing you with a dedicated account manager, our team will be able to source you whatever amount of soil and compost you need, whether it’s listed through our site or not. Everything you require professionally will also qualify for trade pricing, offering fantastic savings.

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We understand that each landscaping project is unique, with its distinct set of needs and challenges. This understanding drives us to give professional landscapers like you the freedom of choice. That's why we've tailored our offerings to provide options in quantity, ensuring you get just what your project requires when it’s required.

In addition to our range, we also offer trade accounts. With this account, you'll enjoy benefits such as personalised services, tailored advice, fast delivery, and competitive trade pricing.

Explore our range today and discover how our flexible quantity options can meet and surpass the demands of your next landscaping project. Be it a small back garden revamp or a major commercial landscape overhaul, we are ready to support you every step of the way. Open a trade account today, or simply tell us what you need through the form below.

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