1st Aug 2023 -

Have you ever envisioned yourself sipping a morning coffee in a stylish arbour, watching your children play in a custom playhouse, or unwinding in a cosy summerhouse nestled in your back garden? 

For many DIYers, creating the perfect garden relaxation space can be a challenge, with an exhaustive range of products available, many of unpredictable quality levels. Building Materials offers a selection of high-quality garden buildings to homeowners across the UK, ready for quick DIY installation. For a cosy garden space, our summerhouses, log cabins, and more offer the perfect trio of comfort, style, and functionality.

Don't Settle for Poor Garden Atmosphere

When your DIY projects don't live up to your expectations, it's more than just a blow to your morale. You can end up with structures that don't complement your garden, or worse, don't serve their purpose well. This mismatch could turn your dream of a perfect garden escape into a constant reminder of missed opportunities. 

From summerhouses that fail to adequately capture light, to arbours that don’t offer enough shade, getting the building wrong will deprive you of a space to truly unwind.

Ways to Relax in Your Garden Building

Your garden building is a space built around your needs. For those looking to relax and unwind, here are just a few ideas on how to use your new space:

Build a Reading Nook

Set up a cosy corner with a comfortable chair, surrounded by shelves filled with your favourite books.

First, choose a sheltered, quiet spot in your garden, then decide on the size and layout - a simple three-walled structure with one open side works well. Use pressure-treated timber posts and beams to construct the basic frame. Add timber roof beams across the top, and clad the walls with attractive, low-maintenance exterior-grade plywood.

Alternatively, wooden arbours make an ideal ready-made framework for a backyard reading nook. Their attractive wooden structures come in a variety of styles that could suit a cosy, peaceful spot for reading.

Make a Meditation or Yoga Space

Create a serene area for practising meditation, yoga, or other mindfulness activities.

Select a quiet, peaceful spot in your garden that gets some shade, such as under a tree or shaded by your home. Use decking boards and posts to construct a simple rectangular raised platform – this provides a clean surface for yoga poses and meditation.

Using soft mats or rugs, cushions, and calming decor like plants, incense, or essential oils will enable you to create a truly peaceful atmosphere.

workshop shed garage

Create a Hobby or Craft Room

Whether it's painting, crafting, or woodworking, you can set up a workspace with all the necessary tools and materials in your garden building to provide a peaceful environment to indulge in your creative pursuits.

Simply pick one of the high-quality garden buildings offered by Building Materials that best fits your space and needs. Our log cabins, summerhouses and playhouses come with windows that allow ample lighting to flood the room.

Our Range of Garden DIY Options

Building Materials Nationwide offers a diverse range of DIY garden buildings for sale, from stylish arbours to playhouses, cosy log cabins, and elegant summerhouses. Our garden buildings come in various designs and sizes, allowing you to pick one that not only serves your desired purpose but complements your garden's aesthetics, all without having to go through the laborious process of repainting your new build's exterior.

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Featured Products

Among our diverse options is our contemporary Highclere Summerhouse, a stunning design that updates the traditional summerhouse into a modern garden room. Another great choice for relaxation is our Corner Arbour, which can give a new lease on life to an unused corner of your garden or patio. An arbour could be the ideal spot to enjoy a cup of tea, with its bench seat inside comfortably fitting two within its shade.

Reach Relaxation with Our Functional DIY Garden Spaces 

We’re here to help you transform your garden into a space where comfort, style, and functionality blend effortlessly. You could soon be relaxing in a stylish summerhouse within the comfort of your back garden.

Take that first step, and browse our stylish and affordable options for your next DIY adventure, including sheds, playhouses, log cabins, arbours and summerhouses.