5th Apr 2023 -

Feather edge fence panels are a very popular style of garden fencing that works well in many different outdoor environments. Most feather edge fence panels are made from sawn timber and put together in vertical arrangements and pressure-treated. 

The ‘feathering’ aspect of the boards themselves comes from the way each plank is slightly larger at one edge, and thin at the other (known as the ‘butt’ end). This composition creates a sloping pattern which also allows for water to run down the surface and away from the wall.

The Benefits of Feather Edge Fence Panels

Feather edge fence panels provide innumerable benefits to your garden, including:

  • Reliable Durability: Feather edge fence panels are most commonly made from high-quality timber and put together with strength and trustworthiness in mind. Their design and composition allow them to withstand adverse weather conditions, as well as resist decay over the years – as most timber strengthens over time.
  • Robust Security: The tight, overlapped composition of feather-edge fence panels makes them a brilliant choice for upgrading security around your home. They can be made to almost any length and width (usually 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, or 6 ft), which provides a virtually unscalable perimeter around your garden and property.
  • Extra Privacy: The unique, layered design of feather edge fence panels sets them apart from other fencing types in terms of privacy. With no spaces between panels, these fences are perfect for cutting off onlookers and preserving the privacy of you and your family when outdoors.
  • Strong aesthetics: Feather edge fence panels come in many different materials and finishes, allowing you to create the look you want and maintain consistency. Timber fencing also takes incredibly well to paint, meaning you can easily customise or change up your style at a moment’s notice.
  • Overall Versatility: With feather edge fence panels made to order in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as additional accessories such as timber posts and caps to complete the look, how you arrange and customise your fencing is up to you.

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    How long will my feather edge fence panels last?

    We recommended choosing timber feather edge fence panels for the most long-lasting approach. Timber naturally strengthens over time, and when correctly installed and maintained, can last for decades. Feather edge fence panels are also designed to withstand the pressures of the outdoors, from weather to general use.

    How easy to install are feather edge fence panels?

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