31st Jul 2023 -

If you’ve felt that first drop of rain hit your head in a workshop, or seen tools turn rusty in a leaky old shed, you’ll understand why a weatherproof garden building is essential for your DIY and gardening projects. Structures like sheds, boxes, and log cabins safeguard you and your materials from elements like rain, snow, extreme heat, and dust, keeping them functioning and long-lasting. 

Building Materials Nationwide is dedicated to offering high-quality products, with our range of versatile, durable, and weather-resistant garden buildings optimised for everything this country's weather can throw at them.

How Weather Can Impact You and Your Equipment

A quality garden building offers a reliable outdoor space for you, perfect for a workstation, relaxation area, a space for family, and much more. In order for that space to be safe and functional, it will need to offer long-term support against the high levels of wind and rain within the UK. Should it not, you can expect structural damage, dampness, and rot to start occurring.

Should you use a lacklustre garden building for storage, your valuable tools will be left exposed to the elements. Corrosion, largely due to moisture from rain or snow, is a common concern: it can cause metal tools to rust, deteriorating the tool’s strength, appearance, and functionality over time. Even tools stored in a specific outdoor storage box can fall victim to humidity-induced corrosion if it’s poorly sealed.

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Extreme Conditions Can Hurt Plants

A complete lack of garden shelter will also expose your delicate plants to weather conditions that can cause substantial harm. Too much rain will oversaturate them, leading to root rot, which deprives plants of oxygen and leads to decay or death. It can also wash away vital nutrients, impacting plant growth and development. High winds can cause physical damage to plants, breaking stems, tearing leaves, and even uprooting entire plants. It can also dry out the soil, leading to water stress and impeding plant growth.

Inside poor-quality garden buildings, lack of insulation can lead to temperature extremes, causing plant stress, and poorly sealed structures may let in rain or snow, creating overly humid or waterlogged conditions. Should you wish to use your garden building as a haven for a range of plants, it’s vital to ensure you choose a model with strong weather resistance.

A Damaged Building Means Damaged Materials

Shoddy and damaged outdoor buildings are highly susceptible to further deterioration under adverse weather conditions. During heavy rainfall, structures without proper waterproofing can experience leaks, leading to internal water damage and structural instability over time. Water can also seep into cracks in the structure, causing rot in wooden buildings or rust in metal ones, accelerating their decay.

In the rare occasions when hot weather occurs in the UK, materials can expand, warp, or crack, while freezing conditions can cause materials to contract and become brittle, potentially leading to structural failure. Wind can also cause significant damage to structures with weak foundations or loose elements. High winds can cause parts to detach, and in extreme cases, overturn or displace the entire structure.

Weather Damage Is Preventable

The wide range of garden buildings available through Building Materials Nationwide have been designed with all-weather resistance in mind so that, even through extreme storms and sudden on-set hail, you can rest easy knowing your garden building will not only still be standing at the end of it, but that the materials inside will be safe too.

Our selection of playhouses, log cabins, sheds and summerhouses offer durability and versatility for our customers. We also offer weather-resistant storage choices, such as the Shire Overlap Wooden Tool Store which will protect your goods for many years thanks to its long-lasting design, including a shed door that is single-ledged for increased strength, treated on both sides with a water-based industrial solution to protect it from weathering.

We also have a range of enduring polypropylene storage cupboards that are robust and low-maintenance. They will not rot, are UV resistant, and require no treatment, making them perfect for housing tools, cleaning equipment, soaps, detergents, and even painting and decorating supplies.

Protect Your Garden Spaces From Weather Damage

Don't let the weather ruin your garden spaces. The importance of a high-quality garden building for work, rest, and storage cannot be understated. Eliminate the risk that rain, snow, heat, and wind pose to your space with our wide range of long-lasting garden buildings today.

Explore the full range here, or reach out to our friendly team of experts who are here to help you find your perfect garden solution.

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