2nd Aug 2023 -

Whether you need the space to pursue your creative passions, store your equipment and tools, or are looking to expand an existing hobby into a small business, a garden workspace can be the ideal solution. Building Materials Nationwide stocks a huge range of garden buildings ideal for use as a workspace, from larger dedicated workshops to spacious sheds, log cabins, and summerhouses. We’ll help you to build a fantastic space for hobbies, household jobs, and even more.

The Challenge of Finding the Perfect Workspace

Whether you’re a hobbyist in need of a dedicated space, or you are trying to get your home business off the ground, the struggle of not having an adequate workspace goes beyond day-to-day inconveniences, it can delay your productivity and professional growth. 

From countless interrupted moments, the constant struggle to maintain focus, trying to focus and work within your home can be a clear source of stress. For homeowners, it’s about more than just losing their valuable time, but about the mental toll of feeling continuously unsettled.

Should you decide to invest in a garden building to create your workspace, you can find yourself bombarded with options that lack the design or durability you need, or that come at a prohibitive price tag. For many, hobbies and interests are simply snuffed out without a comfortable, organised, and separate space for them.

Featured Garden Buildings For Your Home Workspace

Much of our garden building range can be tailored to create a fantastic home workspace, with our selection of sheds, log cabins, and summerhouses ready for regular personal uses. Here are a few models from our selection that can be used as the basis of a high-quality home office:

  • Iceni Potting Wooden Garden Shed: Built around a large angled window, this easy-to-assemble shed is perfect for a green garden office, designed around the storage of plants and with enough floor space for a desk and chair.
  • Houghton Wooden Summerhouse: This attractive design has a small porch, perfect for relaxing on breaks from work. Inside, it’s spacious enough for work, with great levels of natural light thanks to the installed windows.
  • Hampton Corner Wooden Summerhouse: Perfect for maximising space within a smaller garden, this building will snugly fit into the corner of your outdoor space, offering fantastic levels of natural light and all the space needed for all work equipment and furniture.

Building Your Bespoke Workstation or Garden Office

man with shed

Building Materials Nationwide aims to help DIYers across the UK to build the home and garden they need. We offer an array of high-quality garden buildings that can be used as the basis of a fantastic workspace solution. With varying sizes and designs, our garden buildings can be tailored to meet your requirements, whether you need a DIY or crafts workshop, an artist's studio, or even a casual home office space. 

Our impressive 20ft x 10ft workshop spaces are sizeable enough for all the tools and equipment for a comprehensive home workshop. These multifunctional areas offer enough room for even your grandest ambitions. Whether setting up a home gym, yoga room, painting studio or more, our buildings offer an easy installation and great performance.

We want to help our customers to get the quality workspace they need, easily built by them within their own gardens.

Turn Your Garden Into the Ideal Workspace

Envision walking into your garden and entering a space meticulously tailored to your requirements, a sanctuary designed for focus and productivity. It's time to reclaim your productivity and peace of mind.

Take a look at our diverse range of garden buildings to find one that suits the size of your garden. Or, if you need advice on choosing the right building option for your garden, don’t hesitate to contact us through our enquiry form.

Choose Building Materials Nationwide, and turn your dream workspace into a reality, right in your back garden.

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