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Composite decking is a popular garden design option, as it involves significantly less upkeep than alternative decking products. Whilst traditional wooden decking needs regular painting and staining, and can be prone to splintering, composite decking only requires low-effort cleaning once or twice a year to keep it in great shape for the summer months.

Building Materials Nationwide supply a range of products to help you maintain your decking, including composite deck cleaner. Browse our full range of landscaping products and accessories online today, with speedy delivery across the UK.

Our Range of Composite Deck Cleaner

We supply a range of Owatrol composite decking treatments to help you easily clean and restore your decking in no time. Depending on your decking cleaning needs, we offer:

  • Composite Decking Cleaner: To provide the best deep clean for your composite boards, you can use a formulated deck board cleaner such as Owatrol Composite Decking Cleaner. This versatile water-based cleaner has a gel consistency and can be easily applied to your decking using a brush or roller, getting to work in as little as 5 minutes. It’s perfect for getting an enhanced clean, including on grooved decking.
  • Composite Decking Reviver: Composite decking boards typically have a long lifespan, withstanding significant usage without showing wear such as splintering and discolouration. For increased protection, we also supply composite decking reviver, available in brown or grey to enhance your deck’s colour. With easy application and a quick drying time, it’s a fantastic way to quickly spruce up your composite decking.

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How to Clean Composite Decking

Whilst composite decking doesn’t require a huge amount of maintenance, taking the time to remove dirt and clean your deck at regular intervals will help to keep it in excellent condition.

The best times to clean your composite decking include after installation, and then on a semi-annual basis, particularly as the warmer months approach. Follow the below steps to effectively clean and restore your composite decking:

  1. Clear your deck completely, allowing you to reach areas which might otherwise be hidden by furniture or plants.
  2. Sweep any loose dirt and debris from your composite decking using a soft-bristled brush.
  3. Once the area is completely clear of furniture and loose debris, you can start to clean your decking. To do this, you can use a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft brush, cleaning thoroughly along the grain. Alternatively, use a formulated composite deck cleaner which can be applied and left to work for 5 minutes, and then scrubbed with a nylon or synthetic brush.
  4. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your decking, including attending to tricky-to-reach areas, rinse the area with clean water and leave it to dry. To fully wash away formulated deck cleaners, rinse using a high-pressure water source or power washer.
  5. If using a composite decking enhancer, allow your decking to dry for 2-3 days before applying.

Other care tips for composite decking include removing food spills as soon as possible and, if you wish to use your decking during the winter, opting for a plastic shovel to remove snow rather than metal shovelling equipment, to avoid scratching.

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Can I clean a composite deck with washing up liquid?

For a regular spring clean, you can use washing-up liquid to clean your composite decking, as the mild detergent shouldn’t damage your deck boards. For a deeper clean, a formulated cleaner for composite decking is recommended.

What should I not clean composite decking with?

Can you jet wash composite decking?