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For an added dash of colour in your garden or outdoor space, Staffordshire pink gravel is an excellent option. Also known as pink pea gravel, it adds an attractive blushed hue to your driveway, pathway or garden beds, and is a popular choice amongst professional landscapers and home DIYers alike. Browse our range online today, and contact us with any queries you have.

What Is Staffordshire Pink Gravel?

Staffordshire pink gravel is a decorative aggregate typically composed of quartzite stones with a blend of light pink, white and grey hues. A mixture of angular and rounded stones, this type of gravel is excellent for laying robust groundwork as the stones lock into place, and can withstand regular vehicular traffic.

The Best Uses for Staffordshire Pink Gravel

An excellent way to brighten up an outdoor space, Staffordshire pink gravel can be used in a variety of applications to create real impact. Its pleasant pink hues offer a calming visual effect and can provide a contrast to darker garden features, whilst the signature crunch when walked upon can even add to home security.

Popular applications for Staffordshire pink gravel include:

  • Driveways and Parking Areas: Able to withstand vehicular traffic without sustaining damage, Staffordshire pink gravel is a superb aggregate material for driveways and parking areas, offering a more aesthetically pleasing, brighter alternative to traditional gravel or tarmac.
  • Pathways and Walkways: To create striking pathways through your garden or towards your front door, Staffordshire pink gravel is an unbeatable option, combining aesthetic beauty and functionality, and requiring very little maintenance.
  • Garden Beds and Edges: Staffordshire pink gravel is an excellent way to make the most of empty garden beds, or provide a neutral background to make plants and shrubbery stand out. Combined with a weed membrane, it aids water drainage and prevents light from permeating to reduce weed growth. It can also provide attractive natural bedding for statues and water features and is a simple but impactful way to decorate the edges of your garden.
  • Pond Substrates and Water Features: Once washed thoroughly, Staffordshire pink gravel is a popular choice for a pond substrate, helping to create a stable aquatic environment. It can also be used in decorative water features, creating an eye-catching effect to add a focal point to your garden.

Our Range of Staffordshire Pink Gravel

We supply a wide range of excellent quality Staffordshire pink gravel in a range of sizes to suit any landscaping application, from a large driveway to a small garden bed. A winning combination of both aesthetics and cost-effectiveness, Staffordshire pink gravel is a quick, hassle-free solution to create maximum aesthetic impact.

We sell pink gravel in measurements of 10mm and 20mm, supplied in bulk sizes. Within the Building Materials Nationwide range, we also supply a wide choice of other decorative aggregates including white grey limestone gravel, welsh brown gravel, golden gravel chippings, Cotswold gravel and horticultural grit.

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Does Staffordshire pink gravel require maintenance?

Staffordshire pink gravel requires very minimal upkeep, making it an excellent option for home landscapers with little time to spend working in the garden. It is, however, recommended to buy extra when working with decorative gravels, to allow for topping up every few years once the gravel has compacted due to everyday use or been blown away.

Should I use 10mm or 20mm Staffordshire pink gravel for a driveway?

Do I need to lay a weed membrane when using Staffordshire pink gravel?