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Combining unbeatable style with heavy-duty resistance, composite fencing is a fantastic choice for any garden. When choosing fence boards for your outdoor area, the material is one of the first things you consider. Composite fence boards are made from a blend of recycled hardwood fibres and polyethene, which work together to form a surface that can withstand immense wear and tear and hold its own against the elements. 

Our Range of Composite Fence Boards

Our range of composite panels is modern and sleek, with a wide variety of colours to choose from. Their robust composition is resistant to warp, rot, and splintering, meaning they maintain their look and sleekness long-term. 

Each board is also made with a honeycombed inner, which allows for reliable support and unobstructed airflow through the panels which prevents unwanted moisture retention. The boards themselves are also cut with tongue and groove fittings which make them incredibly easy to install.

The colours of composite fence boards we offer include:

For those looking for a traditional wood grain effect, but with added endurance and no need for complicated maintenance, we have a collection of gorgeous hardwood-look composite fencing boards in:

Note: All composite fencing panels come in fixed dimensions of 3600mm x 210 mm x 21 mm which is more than enough to work with, but can be installed to appear longer if needed.

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Composite Fencing Accessories

Not only do we stock a large choice of composite fencing boards to choose from, we also provide all the necessary accessories and additional pieces to complete the look. With composite fence panel posts and caps, you can finish the edges and corners of your fence with ease.

All fence panel posts and caps come in colours that correspond exactly to our range of boards, so you can mix and match or opt for a consistent look.

The 6 Benefits of Composite Fence Boards

When looking for new garden fences, a common choice is natural wood, which offers a great appearance, but requires close care and can often need replacing after a few years due to weather damage. Composite fencing boards, on the other hand, come with their own benefits.

1. Virtually No Maintenance

When people think of low-maintenance fencing, metal is often the first thing that comes to mind. But metal is prone to rust and, depending on the garden, may clash visually. Composite fence boards are specifically designed to be robust and stylish.

Our composite fencing boards are treated to prevent exterior decay, keep away pests, and hold their own against impacts and adverse weather. This treatment also makes the boards quick and easy to clean, with just soap and water. The boards are also made to keep their colour even under intense sunlight.

2. High Strength and Stability

Composite fence boards are specifically engineered with strength and durability in mind. From their hyper-resistant treatments that prevent rot and damage, to their dense composition of hardwood and polyethene which gives them a stable form and the ability to withstand everyday wear and tear. 

3. Unmatched Longevity

This composition makes composite fence boards the most long-lasting fencing option. If kept clean and out of extreme weather, your fences could last up to thirty years, and as the composite material is mostly synthetic, it resists the pests and issues that wood and metal fencing succumbs to, meaning those thirty years are likely to be hassle-free. 

4. Aesthetically Versatile

Our composite fencing boards come in a plethora of colours, meaning you can create the visual effect you are aiming for, be that a metallic grey or real wood brown, or any shade in between. Also, if you ever fancy a change, composite panels take incredibly well to paint, meaning you can completely reinvent your fencing whenever you want.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Our range is composed of 100% recycled materials, meaning the manufacturing process is much less harmful to the environment than timber or metalworking.

Some pressure-treated wood fencing requires a specific blend of finishing agents to maintain longevity, which intoxicates the environment. Composite boards do not require this sort of treatment, as they are already resistant to all the things wood is susceptible to. 

6. Best Value for Money

With its natural-born resistance to damage and decay, and its almost ageless longevity, composite fencing is a brilliant investment for homeowners. Our boards are much cheaper than other types of fencing, including real wood and metal, and hold up well whilst requiring very little. Take the money you would be spending on regular repairs, maintenance, and replacements and put it towards something better.

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Our full range of composite decking and accessories offers everything you need for a professional-grade building project, with the style and size options needed to carefully tailor your look. For customers working in the industry, our trade accounts are a must-have, with our account managers organising orders and sourcing whatever you need, delivered fast and at fantastic trade prices.

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