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Decking is a popular feature within UK gardens and outdoor areas, creating a sturdy, multipurpose space. When shopping for decking boards, 2.4m is one of the most popular options. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the features of decking boards, the types of 2.4m decking boards available in the UK, and their prices.

What Are Decking Boards?

Decking boards are timber or composite boards specifically designed to be used as part of an external decking system. This means that strength and moisture resistance will be prioritised, along with an attractive look. Decking can bring a range of benefits to a garden, creating a raised space perfect for relaxation, entertainment, cooking, and other uses. 

Decking can help with an uneven or boggy lawn. Decking can also be built around things like ponds or hot tubs. Decking is a relatively easy installation and can bring benefits as either a small or large installation. It is commonly installed adjoining a house, but can also be installed standalone within a garden. Decking serves other purposes within outdoor locations, such as woods or walking trails.

What Types of 2.4m Decking Board Are Available?

When buying decking boards, you will typically have two options, timber or composite. These two types will bring their own benefits and drawbacks. You’ll also have the option of buying speciality anti-slip decking boards.

Timber 2.4m Decking Boards

When buying timber decking boards, you’ll have the option of softwood or hardwood timber. Within the UK 2.4m decking boards will typically be softwood, which will be a cost-effective option. They are easy to install and will offer a decent lifespan provided they are properly maintained with sealants. 

The timber in decking boards will have been pressure treated, meaning that it has been dried and filled with preservatives to give it water and insect resistance. Softwood boards will be a light yellow colour, while hardwood can come in attractive darker colours. Hardwood options will last longer and require less maintenance, though they will come with a noticeably higher price tag.

Composite 2.4m Decking Board

Your other option when looking for 2.4m decking boards your other options will be composite boards. These are made from a combination of wood and plastic. When browsing composite boards the clear benefit they offer is the far wider range of visual options. 

That being said, no composite board will quite capture the look of authentic wood, so if you are looking to prioritise that authenticity it won’t compete. Composite boards are also designed to require low maintenance and offer water resistance, with 30 years of performance expected. Composite boards will cost more than entry-level softwood boards, but less than hardwood boards.

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Anti-Slip 2.4m Decking Boards

The UK attracts a famously consistent level of rain, which can make decking a tripping hazard. A solution to this is to buy anti-slip decking boards, typically made from timber. These boards will have friction strips across them, designed to minimise the risk of accidents. The other case where these boards would be useful is when the decking contains a hot tub or an endless pool. Anti-slip options can be added to standard decking boards, with manually applied anti-slip strips and paints available.

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What Prices Are 2.4m Decking Boards Sold At?

When looking for 2.4m decking, softwood timber will be the most cost-effective option, followed by composite boards, followed by hardwood. This is somewhat offset when you consider the increasing lifespans offered as the prices increase. However, in most cases, the 10 to 15 years offered by Softwood will see out the time spent at a property.

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