19th Jul 2023 -

In landscaping, attention to detail and creative flair are key to creating stunning outdoor spaces. One often overlooked but crucial element in these projects is decorative gravel. It's versatility and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for enhancing pathways, gardens, and other outdoor areas. 

When working with a professional, clients across the UK will expect a truly tailored solution for their outdoor space. However, without a diverse range of gravel options in terms of sizes, colours, and textures, you’ll be limited in your ability to create customised designs. Building Materials offers a fantastic range of decorative gravel to UK professionals, with our dedicated account managers going above and beyond to source customers the exact products they need.

Our Varied Product Range

Decorative gravel offers a range of visual and functional uses within a landscaping project, from the construction of driveways and pathways to aesthetic uses around a water feature or plant bed. Commonly sold in 20mm and 10mm sizes, we recommend 10mm widths for paths and 20mm widths for driveways.

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  1. Price from: £150.94 £181.13
  2. Cotswold Buff Gravel (900/003/97501)


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    • 10 - 20mm
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How a Lack of Options Can Stifle Your Projects

As a professional, a limited choice of gravel will restrict your ability to showcase creativity and innovation across your designs. This will not only limit your ability to implement designs but also potentially mean failing to meet client expectations.

Without the full range needed to truly customise your work, you could be forced to settle for generic gravel selections that fail to evoke the desired emotions and don’t leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors, or that aren’t suited for the intended use.

Landscapers rely on their portfolios to attract new clients and secure future projects. Without access to a comprehensive range of gravel options, you could struggle to differentiate yourself from competitors and demonstrate your expertise in creating extraordinary landscapes. The absence of garden gravel options may result in repetitive and monotonous designs, leading to a decline in client satisfaction and referrals.

Ensuring Landscapers Have the Options They Need

Building Materials offers an all-in-one supply solution for professionals, backed up by our team of dedicated account managers. We offer a wide-ranging selection of decorative gravel through our website, including bulk bags, providing the sizes and colours you need to elevate your clients’ outdoor areas. We’re committed to delivering excellent service, with our trade accounts catering specifically to professionals across the UK.

When you sign up for a trade account through our website, you’ll be gaining access to an even greater range of decorative gravel and other landscaping materials. Your dedicated account manager can procure whatever products you need through our network of suppliers, ensuring the flexibility and customisation your clients expect. This is a simple all-in-one solution that will provide you with everything you need, delivered quickly to your location, all for a fantastic trade price. Building Materials are the only partner you need for your landscaping projects.

Customisable Gravel, When You Need It

When it comes to your landscaping projects, don’t limit your potential. You deserve to have peace of mind that you can always meet your client’s needs. Our trade account system is designed to cater to your individual requirements, whether you're seeking bulk bags of the best gravel on the market, or a specialised option sourced through our trusted supply partners.

Our seamless service enables you to devote all of your attention to crafting breathtaking outdoor spaces for your clients. Simply tell us what you need through the form below to get started.

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