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As a property developer, ensuring that your projects are delivered both on time and on budget is crucial. When it comes to sourcing high-quality decking for commercial or residential properties, fast delivery and a reliable supplier can be the difference between a successful project, and a failed one.

We supply an extensive range of timber and composite decking boards, available at competitive trade prices and selected for their durability and compliance with UK building regulations. We also offer an unparalleled service for our trade account customers, who have access to a dedicated account manager and more than 25,000 superior-quality products.

Our Decking Range for Property Developers

Our online decking range is the specialist solution for property developers looking to supply for both residential and commercial projects. We stock both timber and composite deck boards, available in a variety of dimensions and finishes to adjust to your project’s requirements. To complete your project to the highest standard, we also supply a range of decking and fencing accessories alongside our main decking range, all available with reliable nationwide delivery.

With a Building Materials Nationwide trade account, you’ll have a dedicated account manager with access to a network of suppliers across the UK. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our current product range, your account manager will go the extra mile to source exactly what you need, when you need it.

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The Building Materials Nationwide Difference

We strive to be the one-stop construction supply shop for property developers, helping them to execute their projects to the exacting standards expected by clients. We recognise the importance of providing a reliable, knowledgeable service, and we are committed to providing timely delivery and a comprehensive material supply.

Property developers across the UK choose us for their building materials supply, thanks to the Building Materials Nationwide difference:

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When overseeing a project, there is considerable pressure to complete it within the given budget. Construction materials can be a costly outlay, sometimes leading property developers to choose between quality and expense. We are committed to providing superior-quality decking materials for a range of commercial and residential projects, whilst maintaining affordable, competitive trade prices. For added flexibility and help keeping to project budgets, we offer our trade customers interest-free 30-day credit.

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Quality and Durability

The quality of your construction supplies, such as decking and accessories, can have a knock-on effect on the quality of your entire project. Property developers have the responsibility to ensure that they supply durable, high-quality materials across the entire operation, and face putting the safety of their customers, as well as their reputation, on the line should they miss these targets. Building Materials Nationwide understands this responsibility and strives to supply only the highest quality materials, giving you peace of mind that your decking will not warp, crack or fade.

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Environmental concerns are at the forefront of the construction industry, and many property developers will face scrutiny and demands for sustainability across their projects. The composite decking we supply is made from 60% recycled hardwood and 40% recycled polyethylene, helping you to meet sustainability quotas and fulfill stakeholder expectations.

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Efficient Delivery

Ensuring timely delivery for all our customers is one of our key priorities. We understand that property developers are held to strict project deadlines, making reliable delivery paramount to our exceptional service. All of our decking materials are available with speedy nationwide delivery, with a number of products available for next-day delivery in the case of urgent supply requests.

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Installation Costs

The cost of installing decking across your project plays a significant role in staying within the assigned budget. Our range of composite decking offers an innovative, easy-to-install alternative to traditional timber decking, streamlining the installation process and providing a cost-effective, time-saving solution.

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Property developers must consider compliance with building codes and regulations when purchasing decking supplies for projects. Regulations can vary between residential and commercial projects; with the support of your dedicated account manager, we can ensure that any decking supplies we provide you with are compliant with the required UK regulations.

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Design Compatibility

Property developers are responsible for overseeing that any decking supplies are cohesive with the aesthetics and design of the overall project. When it comes to design compatibility, Building Materials Nationwide is your ideal partner, offering a huge range of decking options in a variety of colours and finishes. This ensures that our customers can closely meet the style and material requirements of their clients and project.

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Complete Your Decking Project With a Professional Trade Account Manager

At Building Materials Nationwide, we partner with property developers across the UK to offer a building supply service they can depend on, helping them to stay on track with project timelines and budgetary requirements. 

With a Building Materials Nationwide trade account, your dedicated account manager will be your personal point of contact, giving you personalised support and access to a network of suppliers across the UK. Enquire with our team today to sign up for your trade account, and supply all your decking boards and accessories from one place.

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For businesses seeking the finest deals on premium decking solutions, we recommend applying for a trade account to unlock a world of benefits and savings. Our trade account managers are skilled in providing exclusive offers and tailored pricing options to meet your project's specific needs. 

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