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Making sure your garden building is a safe environment is extremely important. Whether you own a shed, log cabin, or summerhouse, these versatile structures not only provide a functional space but also come with specific safety considerations. From security doors and windows to implementing proper lighting and locks, you can create a secure and protected space.

With 22,500 Britons falling prey to shed burglary every year, it’s crucial to take the steps needed to secure your valuables.

Protecting Your Garden Building

Security is crucial when it comes to garden buildings for a variety of reasons:

  • Personal safety: Ensuring the personal safety of people using the garden building, including yourself, family, or visitors, is paramount. By implementing safety measures, you can minimise the risk of accidents, thefts, or hazards.
  • Protection of belongings: Garden buildings often house valuable tools, equipment, and furniture. Implementing security measures, such as locks and proper lighting, helps safeguard these items from theft.
  • Peace of mind: Having a safe garden building provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without worry. It allows you to fully utilise your building for its intended purpose with confidence.

By implementing security measures, you can create a secure and protected garden building that promotes well-being, protects your belongings, and allows you to fully enjoy the space for years to come.

Ways to Defend Your Garden Room or Shed

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To enhance the security of your garden building and protect it from theft and unauthorised access, there are some effective measures to consider:

Don’t Show Off Your Valuables

When choosing a location for your shed or garden building, it’s important to strike a balance between visibility and security. Ideally, your building should be positioned where it is not easily visible from the street, minimising the risk of unwanted attention. However, it should also be within sight of your home, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on it.

Take into account the orientation of the building to maximise scenic views of your garden, while still considering protection. By finding the right location, you can balance aesthetics and safety, ensuring your garden building remains visually pleasing and functional, but well-protected.

Illuminate Unwelcome Visitors

Consider installing motion-activated lighting around the area of your garden building. These lights will deter potential intruders and make it harder for them to approach unnoticed, while also alerting you at the same time.

Catch Would-Be Thieves in the Act

Intruder alarms and CCTV systems are a great way to protect your garden building. As well as acting as a deterrent, it will instantly alert you to any attempted break-ins. These systems can include sensors for doors and windows, as well as motion detectors.

Wireless intruder alarms using smart sensors make it easy to protect your garden building without having to worry about complex installation. Online security systems can pick up risks and instantly send alerts and footage to your phone or computer.

Opt For Protected Doors and Windows

Consider reinforcing doors and windows with additional security features such as reinforced frames, security bars, or laminated glass to make it more difficult for intruders to force entry.

In addition to reinforcing, you should also think about obscuring your windows and doors. A garden building being used as an office or studio may house valuable possessions, and it’s therefore important to hide them. Blinds, shutters, or opaque adhesive sheets are a great way to obscure what can be seen inside your garden building.

Bolster Your Garden Perimeter

To protect your garden building, make sure that your garden is properly fenced and has security gates with a lock. This adds an extra layer of protection, making it harder for unauthorised individuals to access your garden building.

Invest in a Thief Resistant Lock

A good quality lock, such as a closed shackle model, is recommended for a shed, while a garden building such as a summerhouse or cabin requires higher security. The higher the level of security you wish to achieve, the more you will need to invest in lock quality. For example, a home office, gym, or studio will hold far more value than a potting shed, and therefore will require a higher security lock.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Security

In addition to the main security measures mentioned above, there are some smaller yet effective ways to enhance the security of your garden building:

  • Door alarms: Install window or door alarms that trigger a loud sound when opened or tampered with, alerting you and scaring off intruders.
  • Anti-tamper screws: Replace your traditional screws on doors and windows with anti-tamper screws, which are more difficult to remove without specific tools.
  • Timers and sensors: Install timers or motion-activated sensors to control lighting both inside and outside of your garden building to give the impression that someone is present to deter intruders.
  • Secure storage: Invest in lockable storage cabinets or boxes within your garden building to securely store valuable items.
  • Landscaping: Incorporate landscaping elements around the garden buildings that act as natural deterrents, such as thorn bushes, gravel paths, or hedges to make it more challenging to access. 

While smaller security measures may not be as robust as the main security features, they can still help to deter potential thieves and improve the overall security of your garden building. 

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