17th Dec 2020 -

Food Banks 2020

As a company we decided we wanted to give back to the community in these uncertain times, so we decided to visit our local Food Banks and deliver a generous Costco food shop to Bracknell, Maidenhead and Wokingham Food Banks!

We started the day by meeting at Costco in Reading to gather all the necessities and christmas treats the Food Banks had previously asked for. These items included; washing powder, fruit juices, coffee, soups, rice, pasta sauces, crisps, chocolates, biscuits, christmas puddings and more! We then loaded up the BDT van with all the shopping and headed to our first Food Bank which was Bracknell, then Maidenhead and finally ended the day in Wokingham.

We donated a total of £2000's worth of shopping to our local Food Banks this Christmas and they couldn't have been more grateful! If you want to get involved or find out more about the Food Banks we donated to then please use the links below. If you want to see us masked up and struggling with our trolley's in Costco then take a look at our short video montage of the day!

Food Bank Montage 

Music: Dancing In The Moonlight - Musician: Jeff Kaale 

Links to Food Bank Pages:

Take a look a look at some the pictures we got below!