2nd Feb 2021 -

The Felix Project

This month we decided to make a donation to The Felix Project.

The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and delivers it to food charities and schools, providing healthy meals and helping the most vulnerable in our society. Right now, millions of people in the UK regularly experience hunger, yet tonnes of surplus fresh food is thrown away every day.

Therefore, in these difficult times, we believe it is vital to give back to the community and help in any way we can. With our donation we were able to provide 6000 meals for vulnerable people across the capital.  

Thanks to the already generous donations to The Felix Project, they have been able to increase their operations drastically during this time of need and distribute over 30 tonnes of food a day, to help feed Londoners in need!  

Vicki Williams, Founder of BreadnButter, says that "Since the Corona Virus outbreak, The Felix Project food has been invaluable to those most affected in the community. In the last few days we have delivered emergency food parcels to families who have not been able to get food because of their current situation.”

If you would like to get involved or find out more, head to their website now.