18th Nov 2022 -

When looking to install doors throughout your office, it can be difficult to know who to buy from, and what to buy. You’ll be looking to install durable, attractive doors, that blends aesthetically within your office environment. Building Materials Nationwide offers a wide range of office doors for sale, delivering across the UK. We aim to offer everything you could need in an office door supplier, with a range of high quality products, including fire doors.

Our selection of competitively priced office doors can be dispatched across the UK. Have a look at our range of office doors now.

What to Look For in an Office Door

When selecting a door, or a set of commercial doors for your office there are a few factors to keep in mind. Firstly, most office doors will need to be able to withstand rigorous daily use, so selecting a durable door connected to a frame with strong hinges is a must. An office door may be opened hundreds of times a day, and selecting a weaker model of door, or installing it with sub-standard fixings, can lead to a door that won’t perform in the long term.

When it comes to office doors, budget is also something to keep in mind. While of course purchasing a quality door should be a priority, you’ll need to balance this with the budgetary needs of your business. At their higher-end interior commercial doors can cost a tremendous amount of money, money which could potentially be put towards better uses for your business.

The style of your office door is something to keep in mind, as it’s important to not pick doors that clash with the rest of your offices’ decor. Internal doors in neutral colours and varnished wood styles can give a reliably pleasing look regardless of their surroundings. A simple style of office door will also be far easier to clean than commercial doors with a complex style. Vision panels within an office door can both bring light into a room, and allow you to see throughout a multi-room office. If looking for privacy throughout an office then opting for solid doors will clearly be preferable. If looking for fully open spaces, commercial glass doors may be an interesting choice, particularly within a glass partitioning system.

Our Range of Office Doors

We supply a range of quality office doors, made from beautiful wood. We have both hollow core and solid core models available, with solid core offering a sturdier build, suitable for use as security doors. We have options for vision panels in our commercial doors, with rectangular or round vision panels available. Our commercial doors come in varying sizes, allowing you to pick models suitable for your offices' dimensions, be they standard sizes or otherwise.

Our doors are designed to be compatible with a huge assortment of ironmongery, such as locksself closers, and access control products.

Which Wood is Right For Your Office Door

We supply office doors made from a wide range of woods, offering a wide range of styles for your office space:

If looking for a lighter wood then ash or maple could be the right choice, with Sapele or cherry doors perfect for those looking for a deeper brown. We also stock white oak for a yellow-tinged look. Your door options also include vision panels, depending on the needs of your office space.

Office Fire Doors Suppliers

Fire doors are essential for any office building, and we also supply a wide range of commercial fire doors with fire ratings of both FD30 and FD60. FD30 doors will hold fires back for 30 minutes, with FD60’s offering 60 minutes. In your office you will need to have an escape route, either leading to a stairwell and an exit, or leading to a fireproof room within a floor. When buying a fire door you must also buy fire-resistant frames, hinges, and latches. You will also need to buy intumescent strips to fit around each door. We also sell a range of signs for your office, including exit signs and fire door signs. When looking to install fire door systems in an office, we supply excellent products to ensure your system passes all requirements.

Commercial Office Door Suppliers

Building Materials Nationwide stocks a huge range of office doors. Whatever your needs in an office door, we can supply the perfect product. We stock solid and hollow commercial doors, in a range of quality woods. If you are looking for an office door with a vision panel we can supply both rectangular and circular models. We also offer a range of fire doors, alongside key accessories like signage.

If you are in the trades looking to procure office doors for a building project, we also offer trade accounts. When you open a trade account with us you'll be paired with a dedicated account manager, who you will be able to contact via phone or email. Your dedicated account manager can assist you with large or specific orders, and can send products all across the UK with expedited delivery options.

Buy your new office doors from Building Materials Nationwide today.