28th Nov 2022 -

Farrow & Ball has been producing paint since 1946, and today boasts over 60 showrooms across the world, offering paints to contemporary and classic homes of all sizes. The company’s paints offer perfect colour and coverage from living room walls and kitchen cupboards to bathrooms, outdoor railings, wooden and uPVC front doors, and masonry. From grounding Imperial Purple to uplifting Dutch Orange, Farrow & Ball can give any room a sleek and professional edge with their extensive and beautiful range of luxury paint. In this overview from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the numerous benefits offered by Farrow & Ball Paint.

The Farrow & Ball Range

With so many years in the industry, the range of paints available at Farrow & Ball is widespread, covering all kinds of decorating projects, including paint for interior walls and ceilings and paints for exterior features, as well as specialised paints for wood and heat-resistant paint for radiators. Each of their stunning colour palettes comes in a wide variety of finishes too, so you can choose the most unique look for your project. Popular finishes include both modern and estate emulsions (the latter of which offer a matt finish) and eggshells, full gloss, and exterior finishes for masonry.

As well as a wide range of high-quality paints, Farrow & Ball also offers several undercoats and stabilising primers for interior and exterior wooden surfaces, metal, and masonry. They also provide a selection of branded brushes in a variety of sizes and bristle types for controlled detailing, as well as a reliable roller and tray for wider surface areas. 

True Uniqueness With Farrow & Ball Paint

Combining the highest quality ingredients through tried and true techniques dating back to their founding, Farrow & Ball can achieve colours and finishes that stand out from other designer paint brands. Every paint in their range absorbs natural and artificial light throughout the day, gradually transforming the painted space into something that seems to live and breathe. The colour may feel gentle in the morning, vibrant in the afternoon, and deep in the evening. 

Leading Sustainability Efforts

Farrow & Ball’s range showcases a commitment to sustainability. This approach shows in their premium, non-toxic ingredients, their manufacturing methods, and even their recyclable paint tins. In recent years especially, Farrow & Ball have dedicated themselves to lowering their environmental impact without compromising on the high quality the brand is known for.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

In 2010, Farrow & Ball were among the first paint manufacturers to strip their less sustainable oil-based range for exclusively water-based products. They worked hard to adjust their paint formulas to maintain the depth of colour and durability, but with a gentler touch on the environment overall. To top off their eco-centred efforts, Farrow & Ball have streamlined their supply chains to hone in on quality and sustainability in all the materials and ingredients they source. 

Improved Air Quality

All of the paints available from Farrow & Ball have received an A+ for the French Indoor Air Quality Degree, meaning they are free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – which are the solvents that cause strong and unpleasant smells in paint. Air quality in the home is vital to living a healthy and unencumbered lifestyle. Farrow & Ball’s pure and VOC-free paint formulas help to improve air quality during and long after the decorating process. 

Safer Children’s Toys

The fresh and toxin-free paint formulas that Farrow & Ball offer have all been deemed child-safe per Safety of Toys Part 3, granting peace of mind to all homeowners with children and babies who are looking to redecorate. The solvent-free and water-based finishes and colours are fit for any space or occasion, from nursery walls and ceilings to wood floors, and furniture to toys – there should be no need to compromise on your vision.

Future-Proof Finishes

Scrub testing is a standard upheld globally as a way to test the durability of paint types. Farrow & Ball have worked hard to develop an entirely solvent-free and water-based range that stands up against the most rigorous scrub testing. When looking for highly durable paint for your decorating project, Farrow & Ball can be bought with confidence.

Cruelty-Free Manufacturing

In keeping with their ethical commitments as a brand, Farrow & Ball does not test any of their paint on animals, and they never have. Aside from their Soft Distemper and Casein Distemper, their entire range of colours and finishes are vegan-friendly and contain no animal products. 

Where to Buy Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball’s stunning range of paint is perfect for professional and residential spaces, both interiors and exteriors. It can modernise a workspace or bring a cosy and embracing feel to a home. Their range has a high environmental performance, so you can purchase guilt-free, and each tin is made using the highest quality pigments and ingredients for optimal coverage and depth of colour, as well as long-lasting durability. 

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