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A quality brand offering chalk-based paints in a variety of types, Frenchic have exploded in popularity through

the internet, moving from furniture paints to wall paints, exterior paints and more. In this overview from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the full range of Frenchic paints and look at the best options for different areas of a home.

What is Frenchic Paint?

Founded in 2014, Frenchic paint has taken the UK by storm, offering a wide range of eco-friendly paints. They produce quality products that are easy to use and give a brilliant finish. Their range is designed to be safe for children and animals, with minimal emissions. From their humble beginnings making furniture paint, they have grown to offer a huge range of products, with a massive online following on Facebook and Instagram. Their range is based around water-based chalk paints with a beautiful matt look.

What Types of Frenchic Paint are Sold in the UK?

Frenchic produces a wide range of paints and accessories, allowing their range to be used across a building – both inside and outside. While they manufacture several finishing options, Frenchic does not produce gloss paints.

Original Artisan Range

Frenchic produce chalk and mineral paints for indoor furniture, known as their Original Artisan Range. This range comes in 16 colours, produces minimal odours or VOCs, and is certified as safe for children's toys. These paints should be sealed with a top coat to ensure durability.

Frenchic Lazy Range

The Lazy Range is intended as a single coating, without priming or sealing. It can be used on a variety of internal surfaces like wood, metal, and laminate. It can also be used on walls if mildly diluted. 18 colours are available.

Frenchic Trim Paint

A quality water-based trim paint with a light satin finish intended for skirting boards, doors, and radiators. It can also be used as furniture paint. It offers good scuff resistance, making it an excellent choice for busy areas.

Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint

A durable matt chalk paint intended for use on walls, this range is suitable for washing clean, and can also be used on a variety of other applications like wood, concrete, and laminate. Frenchic wall paints are self-priming for easy application.

Frenchic Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range

These durable and waterproof chalk and mineral paints are intended for both interior and exterior furniture, be they wood or metal. Its great performance with moisture makes it a solid choice for bathrooms and kitchens too.

Other Frenchic Products

In addition to their paint ranges, Frenchic also produces several finishing products and accessories:

  • Sealants, Topcoats, and Waxes: These will be used to safely seal painted furniture items, with their wax options also offering a unique finish look.
  • Frensheen: This is a powder that can be added to topcoats or waxes to give a metallic sheen. This can be a great choice for decorative elements.
  • Frenshimmer: Like Frensheen, this is intended to add shimmer to paints, creating standout furniture and eye-catching wooden features.
  • Easy Crackle: This is a base coat for a variety of surfaces that gives a naturally cracked appearance to a finished coat, offering a rustic look that offers durability and protection.
  • Other Items: Frenchic also produces other items like paintbrushes, soaps, stencils, and other accessories and Frenchic colour charts.

The Best Frenchic Options

The full Frenchic library can be used to paint a huge range of products and surfaces around a home. Here are the best options for specific uses:

  • Walls: Frenchic’s range of chalk wall paint will be the best choice for covering walls, though other paints like the Lazy Range can be used.
  • Wood: For interior wood furniture the Original Range is likely to be the best choice. For wooden trimming elements, Frenchic trim paint can be used. For exterior wooden furniture, you should use the Al Fresco range.
  • Metal: Al Fresco paint is a great option for metal elements and furniture, whether inside or outside.
  • Tiles: Frenchic recommends their Al Fresco range for use on ceramic tiles, due to its durability. Finishing products can be applied if you’d like a sheen finish.
  • Cupboards: Any of the Frenchic paints that work on wood will be a great option for cupboards, such as the original range, the Al Fresco range, and the Lazy Range. If looking to paint kitchen or bathroom cupboards, you should opt for a waterproof option like the Al Fresco.
  • Exterior: The Al Fresco range is Frenchic’s sole range intended for exterior usage. It can be applied to a range of furniture materials and boasts great performance.
  • Kitchens: Due to the moisture level within kitchens, you should opt for a Frenchic paint that performs well with water – like the Lazy Range.
  • UPVC: Frenchic Al Fresco paint will perform well on interior and exterior uPVC doors and windows.
  • Radiators: As long as they are powder-coated, multiple Frenchic options like Chalk wall paint, trim paint, and Al Fresco paint can be used on radiators.
  • Floors: Al Fresco paint can be used on wood, laminate, ceramic, and metal floors. Many have opted to use Frenchic paints to create attractive stencilled floors.

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