28th Nov 2022 -

Since 1890, Johnstone’s has been dedicated to providing high-quality paint at the lowest possible cost. Their trade paints come in a huge range of colours and finishes for any application, be it a kitchen and bathroom splash zone, wooden floors, or even masonry. Johnstone’s range can be applied both indoors and outdoors and consists of a quick-dry formula that makes large-scale decorating projects easy to fulfil. In this guide from Building Materials Limited, we will explore their paint options and the benefits that Johnstone’s paints can provide to a decorating project.

Johnstone’s: Paint for Any Occasion

Johnstone’s paint has been on the market for over 130 years, and the brand is well-established as a trusted manufacturer of trade paint. Johnstone’s offers paints of all kinds, for interior walls and ceilings, exterior walls and features, and even silicone masonry paint and metal paint for coating radiators safely. Below we have broken down their three core ranges and explored each in detail.

Johnstone’s Interior Paint

Johnstone’s range of interior paint is perfect for the walls and ceilings in your home. Their emulsions have been tailored for lasting coverage, with washable matt paints that are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they can be wiped clean easily and provide extra durability in areas of high traffic. Choose a colour from classic white shades to gentle greys, and even bright and impactful colours for a personal flare. For wooden and metal surfaces – such as doors, skirting boards, and radiators – gloss finishes are a solid choice.

Johnstone’s Furniture Paint

Johnstone’s range of paints for furniture and cupboards is known as their Revive series, and they’re aptly named for the rejuvenating effect they have when applied to your household items. Upcycle your furniture with a stylish, chalky finish and then apply Johnstone’s finishing wax to seal the deal. You can also add some shine to your picture frames with the Revive metallic finish, perfect for decorating your hallway or living room. Lastly, Johnstone’s makes coating your bathroom or kitchen tiles quick and easy with their tile paint – it requires no undercoat and has a wipe-clean, gloss finish when dry.

Johnstone’s Specialty Paint

Some design projects require a specialist touch, and standard matt emulsion or high gloss paints will not do the job. Johnstone’s offers a complete range of speciality paint, mixed by experts and fit for a whole host of surfaces and problem areas. The range includes primers for any surface or purpose, satin and smooth metal paint, and garage floor paint. Johnstone’s also has a speciality paint to cover dampness and safeguard against future degradation. 

Johnstone’s Trade Professional Paint

Johnstone’s Trade range is a favourite of professional painters and decorators across the industry. The selection includes bright emulsion wall paints, and high-quality satin and gloss paints for under and top-coating wooden and metallic surfaces. Also available is an incredibly durable floor paint designed for interior and exterior use, and concrete, steel, and wooden flooring types. 

Johnstone’s Garden Paint

The garden range that Johnstone’s provides has been designed to last in outdoor spaces. From bold plum to gentle willow, all the colours in their garden selection are fade-resistant, meaning that no matter the weather your wooden fences and outdoor furniture will keep their look and finish long-term. The garden paints are also ecologically formulated meaning they are safe and won’t harm your outdoor environment.

Johnstone’s Paint Brushes

Johnstone’s is there to cover your every need when it comes to decoration projects, and with their Projex 10-piece paint brush set, you will have a brush fit for any occasion. The brushes feature sturdy wooden handles and dense bristles, making them ideal for paint pick-up and lay-off.

Paint Made for Families

Johnstone specialises in providing industry-quality trade paint at affordable prices. Their professional ranges are the first choice for most decorators and designers, but the standard range is ideal for homeowners – especially those with children and pets. 

Where to Buy Johnstone’s Paint

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