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Little Greene is an independent and family-run paint company based in the UK, with a mission to uphold long-lost decorating traditions while giving them a modern spin. As well as stunning wallpapers, their wide range of high-quality paints extends from water- to oil-based, expertly crafted for interior and exterior finishes. In this guide, we’ll look at what sets Little Greene paints apart, and explore some of their options.

Upholding 300 Years of Tradition with Little Greene Paint

The company’s history dates back as far as 1773 and in the centuries since, Little Greene has stayed true to its British heritage roots. Utilising the same paint-making practices and principles to this day, their goal is to resurrect long-forgotten traditions and art forms, while breathing life into modern-day spaces.

Little Greene has learned from the past and kept its manufacturing processes as small as demand will allow, meaning they are still able to tend to their recipes on a foundational level and benefit from the unmatched quality that comes from experienced craftspeople, rather than the automated machines that are dominating the industry.

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Organic Paint Formulas with an Eco-Friendly Backbone

As a leading paint and wallpaper manufacturer, Little Greene is one of the first paint makers in the UK to meet the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001, a vital checklist of standards that set apart businesses in how they meet eco regulations and how hard they work to maintain a low environmental impact. 

Alongside non-toxic and solvent-free wallpapers sourced from sustainable woodlands, Little Greene’s range of paint comes in both water-based and oil-based options. Water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly, and its organic formula is free from harmful solvents. Oil-based paints are often set aside as less environmentally-friendly, but Little Greene creates their range using sustainable vegetable oils which achieve an unrivalled depth of colour and scale of coverage.

Your Pick of Intelligent Paint

Little Greene’s spotlight range is their Intelligent Paint series. This collection is water-based, eco-friendly in manufacturing and application, and child-safe, making the paints ideal for modern family households and resisting the inherent wear and tear that comes with children and pets. Thanks to their water-based composition, the range is odourless and also quick to apply and dry.

  • Matt Emulsion: Ideal for walls and surfaces in transient areas, such as hallways and landings, as the supreme matt finish is washable. Scuffs and scrapes or stains of all kinds can be wiped away with ease, making the intelligent matt emulsion perfect for kitchens too.
  • Eggshell: Perfect for doors and windows with wooden frames, or even splash zones in kitchens and bathrooms, the intelligent eggshell paint is a subtle touch with unmatched durability. It also comes as an exterior option, adding a luxurious, low-sheen touch to woodwork and joinery outside your home.
  • Gloss: Fit for exterior and interior surfaces, this high-sheen paint is a go-to choice for front doors as it is bold and reflective, contrasting beautifully with the matt surface of your front façade. Like all other ranges, intelligent gloss is available in a whole host of stand-out colours.
  • Satinwood: This versatile wood paint is ideal for painting wooden cabinets and furniture, even wooden trims and panelled walls – anywhere that experiences heavy usage and regular impacts. After applying, the intelligent satinwood will be dry within two hours, making it a brilliant and convenient solution for quick DIY and decorating projects. 
  • Floor Paint: Choosing water-based paint over oil-based for your wood floors is a smart move, especially if you want to keep odours low and resume use within just a couple of hours. The intelligent floor paint offered by Little Greene is an elegant and hassle-free alternative to regular floor paint for wooden floors.
  • All-Surface Primer: Ideal for priming a variety of surfaces, inside and outside the home, ready for your chosen top coat. The intelligent primer provides a hardy base for any top coat, ensuring the perfect depth of colour and lasting finish. 

Dedication to Historical Revival with the National Trust

As conservators of historical decoration, Little Greene has partnered with the National Trust in order to deepen their range and bring decorative styles from the Trust’s 500+ protected properties and landscapes. For every tin of paint that Little Greene sells, a donation is made to the Trust – which supports their crucial work. 

Where to Buy Little Greene Paint

Little Greene’s historic range of paint can be used to decorate everything from wood floors to radiators. Inject some heritage into a modern home or uplift existing classic features with Little Greene’s prestigious range of paints and wallpapers. 

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