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Acoustic plasterboard, also known as sound-resistant plasterboard, is as its name suggests, sound resistant. The higher density and additional layers contained within the board can prevent sound waves from passing through them, dramatically reducing both internal and external noise.  

What is Acoustic Plasterboard Used For

Acoustic plasterboard is used to improve sound insulation, reduce noise pollution and make sure that indoor environments are not affected by excessive sound nearby. As a result, acoustic plasterboard is useful in the following settings:

  • Bedrooms: Sleeping without disturbances from loud noise such as music, or people chatting is a key appeal of acoustic plasterboard. As a result, they are popular in larger cities or towns.
  • Music studios: Music bands record their albums in some of the most populated urban centres in the world, but acoustic plasterboard and other sound insulation ensure the music is kept inside the studio.
  • Internal walls: Walls between flats or rooms within a house can often benefit from acoustic plasterboard. Separating living units is a key benefit of acoustic plasterboard for people who share spaces.
  • Bathrooms: Ever get woken up by someone running a bath or shower? This can be eliminated by using an acoustic plasterboard. Bathrooms can benefit from greater privacy by using moisture-resistant plasterboard with additional sound-resistant properties.
  • Living Rooms: You can even put acoustic plasterboards in a living room, which is great for ensuring your living space has comfort and privacy - without annoying your neighbours with your TV or music.
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What Types of Acoustic Plasterboard Are There?

There are two main types of acoustic plasterboard available and these are determined by their thickness, 12.5 mm and 15 mm. 19 mm acoustic boards are also available and offer a higher density, but are less common. Although sound-resistant plasterboards have a higher density, they aren’t much thicker than standard plasterboards, so the installation process is similar. 

The performance of acoustic plasterboard is measured using a sound reduction index, which is used to measure the decibel reduction a board can offer. There is no single grading or rating system for this, with the performance of the board depending on the following factors:

  • The addition of extra sound-deadening components, such as sound-resilient bars
  • Board type, thickness and number of layers
  • Fixings
  • Gaps and sealing
  • Insulation type, thickness and density
  • Jointing or plastering
  • Size of the partition cavity
  • Stud type, width and gauge

Acoustic plasterboard has such a high density it can achieve a lot within a relatively small package. However, the quality and performance of the sound resistance can depend on the manufacturer.

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What Brands Are Available?

There are several brands of sound-resistant plasterboard available. We recommend the following popular brands of acoustic plasterboard, which are notable for their quality:

  • British Gypsum: One of the most globally recognised companies manufacturing a wide range of plasterboards is British Gypsum, known for quality and consistency in acoustic plasterboard and many other varieties.
  • Knauf: An American-founded company, Knauf is well regarded for its quality plaster, dry lining and other materials. Knauf produces many different types of plasterboards aside from sound-resistant boards.
  • Siniat: Siniat is a global plasterboard manufacturer that is part of the ETEX group. Siniat is a brand that produces many types of plasterboard and is also well-known for creating sustainable products

What Sizes Are Available for Acoustic Plasterboard?

Aside from the thickness of the boards, the other main consideration is the size of the board. For small areas, you only need a small board, but larger boards make the process of installation easier for big projects. 

The following sizes are commonly used for acoustic plaster-boarding in walls and ceilings:

  • 2700mm x 1200mm
  • 3000mm x 1200mm
  • 2700mm x 900mm
  • 2400mm x 900mm
  • 2400mm x 1200mm

In many cases, acoustic plasterboard comes with additional fire resistance, due to its high density. The best board for your project will always depend on the level of noise reduction you require, so if in doubt, it is advisable to specialist.


What is the Best Acoustic Plasterboard for Ceilings?

Applying any type of high-density plasterboard to a ceiling can be tricky, as they tend to be heavier than standard boards. The best acoustic plasterboard for a ceiling is one that is lighter-weight and easier to manage. For additional safety, wear clothing that will protect you from any falling debris and goggles to protect your eyes. 

What is the Best Acoustic Plasterboard for Walls?

Walls are suitable for any type of acoustic plasterboard and you can use any thickness. An important consideration is that thicker plasterboards take up more space and may create a feeling of ‘encroachment’ in a room. 

Do Acoustic Plasterboards Work and Is It Worth the Costs?

The value of uninterrupted sleep, enjoying playing or listening to music without bothering people or just the sound of silence can be an absolute blessing. If you care about these things, acoustic plasterboard is worth the expense. 

Acoustic plasterboard can be expensive, but if you install it correctly, it will deliver amazing results. Not convinced? Well, the following benefits of acoustic plasterboard make it a worthwhile investment for most people:

  • Sleep: Things DON’T go bump in the night thanks to acoustic plasterboard. Urban residents will be amazed by the improvements in sleep quality, particularly if you are located near a busy road.
  • Privacy: Whether you are yelling at friends during an online gaming session, cheering on a late win for your favourite sports team or just love a little boogie and sing-song - acoustic plasterboard will spare your blushes.
  • Consideration: Ever had a neighbour annoy you with a loud bang, or perhaps the raucous steps of a child? Well, it goes both ways! With acoustic plasterboard, you can guarantee you are not bothering your neighbours.

To get the best results for sound insulation, it is advisable to use the best quality boards and fixings, and make sure there are no gaps at all. If you install the plasterboards correctly you will experience all the benefits described above.

In Summary

Acoustic plasterboard is an extremely popular choice of board, and while it is not intended to improve energy efficiency it will naturally add a level of insulation as an additional benefit. If you are concerned about noise either entering or escaping from your room or property, then sound-resistant plasterboards are essential. For professional customers, our trade accounts are your all-in-one supply solution.


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