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Plasterboard thickness is an essential consideration when looking to achieve the best results from your dry-lining project. High-performance plasterboard is available in specific thicknesses, which are contained within the UK building regulations. Certain situations may determine which thickness is best, such as whether you are plastering a wall or ceiling.

Thicknesses of plasterboard can range between 9mm and 102mm, depending on the type of board you require. Standard plasterboard thicknesses for ceilings are usually 9.5mm to 12.5mm, while walls can be 12.5mm to 15mm. 

The following factors may influence your choice of plasterboard thickness:

  • Acoustic resistance: A reliable soundproof/acoustic plasterboard can provide insulation against sound energy, which will help to reduce noise. Noise pollution is a common issue with stud walls, whether between rooms in a building or between separate flats. As a result, thicker, denser acoustically insulated plasterboard is highly useful in such a situation. Our acoustic plasterboard ranges from 12.5mm to 15mm.
  • Fire resistant: Flats and other buildings with multiple residents will often have higher fire resistance standards to comply with UK building regulations. These situations require fire-resistant plasterboard. Greater thicknesses and density in walls and ceilings can significantly improve fire resistance and overall safety standards. In this instance, our fire-resistant plasterboards are sized between 12.5mm and 19mm.
  • Thermal insulation: Plasterboard thickness and density can correlate to the effectiveness of the thermal insulation in a building and as a result, thermal insulated plasterboards are much thicker. Thicker plasterboards can provide better energy efficiency standards, which will be useful for both new builds and retro-fitting period properties. Our range of thermal plasterboards is between 22mm and 93mm.

It can be difficult to determine what type of plasterboard thickness is best for your specific project, and finding helpful suppliers can be difficult. For this reason, we have dedicated account managers available who can answer all your questions and ensure you get the best products delivered when you need them.  Contact us now.

Our Quick Guide to Plasterboard Thickness

Standard Plasterboard Thickness

Type of PlasterboardLengthWidthThickness
Gypsum Gyproc Wallboard1800mm900mm9.5mm
GTEC Standard Board1800mm900mm15mm

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Acoustic Plasterboard Thickness

Type of PlasterboardLengthWidthThickness
Knauf Soundshield Plus2400mm1200mm12.5mm
Knauf Soundshield Plus2400mm1200mm15mm
British Gypsum Gyproc SoundBloc3000mm1200mm15mm
British Gypsum Gyproc SoundBloc2400mm1200mm12.5mm
GTEC Acoustic Homespan2400mm900mm15mm

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    • Maximises available floor space
    • Use with GTEC Acoustic Homespan
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Fire-Resistant Plasterboard Thickness

Type of PlasterboardLengthWidthThickness
Fireproof Plasterboard3000mm1200mm12.5mm
Fireproof Plasterboard3000mm1200mm15mm
British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline3000mm1200mm12.5mm
British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline3000mm1200mm15mm
GTEC Fire Board3000mm1200mm12.5mm

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    • Moisture resistant
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Insulated Plasterboard Thickness

Type of PlasterboardLengthWidthThickness
Warmline PIR Insulated2400mm1200mm102mm
Warmline PIR Insulated 2400mm1200mm32.5mm
British Gypsum Gyproc ThermaLine Basic2400mm1200mm40mm
British Gypsum Gyproc ThermaLine PLUS2400mm1200mm48mm
British Gypsum Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER2400mm1200mm90mm

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Standard Plasterboard Thickness

If you’re wondering how thick a standard-sized plasterboard is, then standard thicknesses are usually around 12.5 mm. However, different types of plasterboard make use of different materials and manufacturing techniques to achieve their goals - so there is a variation in performance despite them having matching thicknesses.

The thickness of the plasterboard also depends on how thick you skim over the plasterboard to smooth the finished surface. Usually, if you are wondering how thick to skim over plasterboard, 2 to 3 mm is a good guide. This will not present any problems from additional thickness after coating the plasterboard.

man holding plasterboard

Who Makes the Best Plasterboard?

There are several manufacturers of plasterboard with a reputation for reliability and strong compliance with UK building regulations. Notable manufacturers include the following:

  • Celotex: Celotex is an American brand name owned by Saint-Gobain that produces many plasterboards. One notable product is the Celotex PL4000 plasterboard, which uses a polyisocyanurate foam core and has an A+ rating from the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Green Guide.
  • British Gypsum: Another Saint-Gobain property, British Gypsum is a reliable provider of a variety of plasterboards. Their sound-insulating plasterboard is of particularly high quality, with their SoundBloc range offering sound insulation that is certified to stringent BES 6001 standards.

The best plasterboard is the one that is most suited to your building requirements, which may include many features such as sound insulation, fire resistance, moisture resistance and general thermal efficiency.

Plasterboard Thickness Explained

Mechanically fixing plasterboard or using adhesives means you will have to choose from a range of thicknesses, which can be confusing. However, thankfully the set thicknesses can make the process a bit more manageable and simple.

Hopefully, this will have helped you find the perfect thickness of plasterboard for your needs. If you need to make an order, we can help to supply the best products in the fastest possible time. Sign up for a trade account now.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some commonly asked questions about plasterboard thicknesses and the services we provide:

Can You Get a 6 mm Plasterboard?

It is possible to get a 6 mm plasterboard, which is useful for curved walls and other areas where standard thicknesses are unsuitable because of the contours of the room. A 6 mm plasterboard is also used for ceilings in some cases. This thickness is usually much lighter than others, so it is highly suitable for dot and dab installations using adhesive.

Is Insulated Plasterboard Worth It?

The energy-saving, noise reduction and benefits to fire safety generally make insulated plasterboard worth it in the long term. Having a lower energy bill, greater comfort inside and a higher level of fire resistance will provide a good return on investment over time - as well as improve your overall quality of life.

How Fast Can I Get My Plasterboard?

We aim to deliver within 2 to 3 working days because we believe in dedicated customer service to ensure you always get the right products in a convenient time frame, which is why we offer a wide range of flexible collection and delivery options. Our team members pride themselves on being able to provide adaptive solutions that are ideal for many trades and construction companies. We are confident that we will be your first call for any building supplies and construction materials in the future.

Be sure to contact us now and speak to one of our trade account managers. If you work in the construction industry and need to find a simple and effective way to buy tools and materials, opening a trade account is the right way forward. You instantly gain access to one-on-one customer service and competitive trade pricing, among other excellent benefits. Sign up straight away online or send us a message below with any questions.

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