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Whether looking for traditional pea gravel for water features, muted grey gravel for professional driveways, or much more, we supply decorative gravel to landscape companies across the UK. With an extensive range of options available, including bulk bags for convenient delivery, we are your go-to source for exceptional materials that will bring your client's outdoor spaces to life.

We work closely with landscapers and garden designers, with our dedicated account managers ensuring they have the exact gravel they need when they need it. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner in the long term, helping our customers create visually stunning, functional outdoor spaces.

We offer a full range of decorative gravel through our website and are also able to source products directly for trade customers.

Hassle-Free Solutions for Landscaping Professionals

Building Materials Nationwide offers the ideal solution for landscaping professionals, with a fantastic range of decorative gravel available, and a seamless all-in-one service. Here are just some of the ways we can help your business:

  • Consistent Quality: We prioritise delivering decorative gravel of the highest quality, ensuring it meets your client's expectations in terms of consistent size, shape, and colour. Our uncompromising approach to quality will ensure reliably excellent results for your customers. - Learn More
  • Whenever You Need It: With large-scale projects and tight deadlines, having a reliable supplier is crucial. We’ll work to source you the required quantity of decorative gravel you need, when you need it, eliminating delays and keeping your projects on track. - Learn More
  • Competitive Prices: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products. You can trust us to deliver value while staying within your financial boundaries. For trade account holders, you’ll get a fantastic trade price on all gravel purchases. - Learn More
  • Reliable Delivery: Coordinating the delivery of bulk decorative gravel to multiple project sites can be a logistical challenge. Our efficient and flexible delivery options ensure your materials arrive on time, making your project scheduling hassle-free. - Learn More
  • True Customisation: We understand that every client has unique preferences. Our extensive range of decorative gravel allows you to choose from various colours, sizes, and textures, ensuring your clients' specific requirements are met. - Learn More

Looking For Quality Gravel Delivered?

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Working With Building Materials Nationwide


Building Materials Nationwide offers a comprehensive solution for professional landscapers, able to source and deliver everything you need. We provide a convenient and time-saving experience, removing the hassle of organising materials and calling around. Through our website, you’ll find a full range of garden and outdoor products, from soil to decking to sleepers. And through our trade account managers, we can source even more for you.

Every trade account holder is paired with a dedicated account manager, who’ll cater to their unique requirements and be contactable via phone or email. Thanks to our huge network of suppliers across the UK, we’ll be able to organise and deliver whatever you need for a project. Our aim is to be the only service you need, offering competitive trade prices and saving you both time and money. Building Materials Nationwide will deliver the quality products and exceptional service your business requires.

Bulk Delivery For Professionals

We deliver excellent quality decorative gravel to UK landscapers, with an extensive range of high-quality options, available in bulk sizes to meet any specifications. Simply tell us what you need through the form below, and a member of our expert team will be in contact with you soon.

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