12th May 2023 -

Maintaining a tidy and organised garden is one of the best ways to maximise your outdoor space. Not only will time outdoors be more enjoyable for you and your family, and more welcoming for visitors, but an orderly garden also provides a safer environment for all, with garden tools and outdoor toys out of the way to prevent accidents.

A garden storage box or store is a fantastic way to keep your garden clutter-free, providing a convenient and versatile storage solution. We supply a selection of garden storage boxes, giving you a safe and secure home for a range of outdoor items.

The Benefits of Garden Storage Boxes

As opposed to larger sheds or garages, mobile outdoor storage units such as boxes and cupboards provide a more versatile solution for reducing clutter in your garden. Typically smaller in size, and therefore able to be placed out of the way and easily moved when required, there are several benefits which make garden storage boxes a popular choice. Benefits include:

  • Improved Organisation: With multiple garden storage boxes, it’s far easier to find exactly what you’re looking for right when you need it. For instance, avid gardeners or professional landscapers can store their garden tools in one box, whilst outdoor toys are kept in another. What’s more, items are far less likely to get misplaced if they have a dedicated home in a garden storage box.
  • Shelter and Protection: Whether they need to be sheltered from rain, snow or even sun in some cases, a waterproof garden storage box offers excellent protection for expensive tools or electrical garden equipment, preventing damage and extending their lifespan, efficacy and safety.
  • Space Saving: For those with limited outdoor space, a garden storage box can be a saving grace. With a range of sizes available to suit all gardens, balconies or terraces, a small outdoor storage box provides a compact solution for storing items which would otherwise clutter the available space.
  • Added Aesthetics: Garden storage boxes can be used alongside other landscape design choices to create an attractive and welcoming outdoor space. A wooden storage box will blend in with its natural surroundings, whilst an open log store can add a rustic, country garden feel.
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Our Range of Garden Storage Boxes

At Building Materials Nationwide, we supply a range of outdoor storage solutions, such as wooden storage boxes, larger garden stores and plastic outdoor cupboards. Choose from our fantastic catalogue of garden storage options and enjoy the numerous benefits they bring:

  • Wooden Storage Boxes: We supply the stunning Shire Shiplap Storage Box, which measures 4ft x 2ft, providing a compact storage solution for a range of outdoor spaces. Made from high-quality spruce and fully customisable using protective paint in your colour of choice, this wooden garden storage box will keep your items safe and dry, with a wire hasp that can be padlocked as well as 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding, and a heavy-duty green mineral roofing.
  • Wooden Garden Stores: For a slightly larger storage solution which is still compact and versatile, we supply wooden garden stores such as the Shire Shiplap Garden Store. Simple to install and fitted with double doors for easy access, this wooden garden storage solution is made from 12m shiplap and can be painted with your top coat for a personal touch. Weather-resistant felt roofing helps to keep your belongings dry in inclement weather.
  • Plastic Storage Cupboards: Plastic garden storage is a versatile and popular option. We supply the Shire Polypropylene Storage Cupboard, a medium-sized plastic storage box for the garden which is ideal for storing tools, cleaning utensils or even muddy outdoor boots. Made from low-maintenance polypropylene, this storage cupboard is easily-assembled and resistant to rot and UV.

We strive to supply superior-quality garden storage products for professional gardeners and domestic users alike. If you can’t spot your ideal garden storage box or storage unit on our website, our team can help: get in touch with us today.

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Are garden storage boxes waterproof?

Weather resistance is typically one of the main features of a garden storage box, as they’re intended to be kept outdoors. This can depend on the manufacturer, however, so it’s worth checking before you purchase. At Building Materials Nationwide, we supply a range of garden storage boxes which can withstand the rain to keep your belongings dry.

What is the best material for a garden storage box?

What can you keep in a garden storage box?