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Plasterboard ceilings are a fantastic, cost-effective solution. Suspended plasterboard ceilings are very easy to install. But do you know where to start? As far as suspended ceilings go, there is no better option than an MF ceiling. MF ceiling systems offer incredible versatility for both new builds and refurbishment projects, in either a domestic or a commercial environment.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what an MF ceiling is.

MF Ceiling System – What is it?

Metal Frame ceilings combine the adaptable and lightweight features of plasterboard with the structural integrity and robustness of metal. While there are numerous types of plasterboard which offer fire resistance, moisture resistance and soundproofing, almost any can be easily installed alongside an MF plasterboard ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are hung below the main ceiling of a building. They are fastened by metal framing structures, which are comprised of sections of sheet metal. They are fixed together via brackets, fixings and hangers. These parts are commonly referred to as MF ceiling components. These types of suspended ceilings are straightforward to work with, even allowing room for access panels to be fitted without compromising the structure.

Some typical buildings which use suspended MF ceilings are as follows:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial and retail units
  • Data centres
  • Commercial kitchens

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MF Plasterboard Ceilings – Why Choose Them?

One of the main benefits of MF suspended ceilings is how adaptable they are. These ceilings can be designed to drop from various heights, to suit different developments. As you can see from the list above, they are predominantly used in commercial buildings, but installing MF ceilings in domestic properties is not unheard of.

Suspended ceilings grid with white suspended ceiling tiles.

Here are some other advantages of MF ceilings

  • Moisture resistance – suspended ceilings are impervious to moisture and mould, meaning your space will be hygienic and not pose a risk to anyone.
  • Conceals things efficiently – suspended MF ceilings hide anything from pipework to cabling and electrical wires if the environment requires these types of services. They can also mask any imperfections in the building’s primary ceiling, which of course proves a cost-effective alternative to repairing it from scratch.
  • Quickly and easily installed – it’s quite simple to install MF ceilings without causing any considerable disruption to businesses and institutions. Time is of the essence, and luckily, due to their design, installing them is a seamless and efficient process.
  • Acoustic resistance – if an MF ceiling is installed, it will undoubtedly add a layer of sound protection from any of the floors above. Noise pollution is a particular concern for many businesses, so choosing the most appropriate soundproof plasterboard tiles will ensure the best results.
  • Insulation – these ceilings also improve the insulation of buildings, which means that it is easier to retain heat inside. In turn, this can also save on heating costs and improve a business’s overall energy efficiency.
  • Design – there is incredible flexibility with designs and styles of suspended plasterboard ceilings, meaning you can choose one with a finish that compliments your chosen application.
  • Lightweight – MF ceilings are incredibly lightweight, much like plasterboard. Not to mention that fire and acoustic performance specifications can be met, thanks to the different types of plasterboard that can be easily installed into the framing.

Installing a Suspended Ceiling?

Here at Building Materials Nationwide Ltd, we have extensive knowledge and experience in supplying all types of MF ceiling systems. We provide a vast range of MF ceiling components and ceiling brackets which can accommodate your requirements. Speak to one of the team directly about what you’re looking for, and we can help provide the products that are going to serve you best.

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