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MDF has rapidly gained popularity since it was first developed in the 1960s and is now widely used within the construction and furniture industry. It is used for everything from panelling to shelving, to internal joinery. In this guide to 25mm MDF from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of MDF, the types of 25mm MDF available, and some of the popular uses for MDF.

What is MDF?

MDF, which stands for Medium Density Fibreboard, is an engineered wood product made from small shavings of wood such as sawdust, which will be combined with resin and adhesives and shaped into boards with heat and pressure. 

There are several key benefits to working with MDF. It is a cost-effective product, with a lower price tag than authentic wood. It is a consistent, smooth product, without the defects and imperfections that can come with real wood, and the roughness that can come with other engineered wood products. This means that MDF can be easily painted, although it can also be laminated or covered with veneers, giving it the appearance of authentic wood. Due to its consistency and lack of grain, it can be easily drilled and cut easily.

The main drawbacks of MDF are its high weight and lack of strength. MDF’s density means that transportation and installation can be a struggle, and the low comparable strength makes it unsuitable for any load-bearing or strength-based application. It’s also worth bearing in mind the potential health risks that can come when cutting MDF. MDF will often contain Urea-formaldehyde within the adhesive blend, which can be dangerous if inhaled. Therefore, when cutting MDF sheets it’s vital to use a clean, well-ventilated space, and to wear a full safety outfit, with a gas mask and gloves.

What Sizes Are 25mm MDF Boards Sold in?

As MDF is an engineered wood product it can technically be manufactured in just about any size. However, within the UK the size of an MDF board will typically be either 2400mm x 1200mm or 2440mm x 1220mm, so when buying pre-cut boards they are likely to be in this size.

What is the Price of a 25mm MDF Board?

While prices are obviously liable to fluctuate, our 2400mm x 1200mm x 25mm MDF board currently costs around £66 before VAT. MDF will be cheaper than both real wood and other engineered woods like plywood.

What is the Weight of a 25mm MDF Board?

A standard 25mm MDF board will weigh around 15.5kg per m2. Due to its density, MDF is a very heavy material. This large weight is worth factoring in when thinking about things like transportation and the number of people needed for installation.

What Types of 25mm MDF Are Sold in the UK?

Within the UK you’ll have more options than just standard MDF when shopping for sheets in 25mm thickness. These other types can bring structural or aesthetic benefits to a project.

Moisture Resistant 25mm MDF

Regular MDF boards will perform very poorly within water or moisture, with swelling and warping common. This means they can’t be used in locations like bathrooms and kitchens. While still not designed for outdoor use, moisture resistant 25mm MDF boards are designed to perform well in humid or damp environments, retaining their shape and look.

Fire Rated 25mm MDF

Fire rated 25mm MDF boards are engineered to resist the spread of fire, aiding the evacuation of residents within a building. Commonly used for non-structural panelling within a fire safety plan, fire-resistant panels can complement other aspects such as fire doors and fire-resistant insulation.

Melamine Faced 25mm MDF

Melamine faced 25mm MDF will come with a smooth pre-finished surface. This will be used for everything from cabinets to kitchen counters, and is famously used within pre-fab furniture. While a white melamine facing is commonly used, there will be a wide variety of colours and looks available.

Where Will 25mm MDF be Used?

A 25mm MDF board will be among the thicker available, and can be used in both non-structural construction work and as part of furniture building.


Large boards of 25mm MDF can be used as wood panelling, giving a smooth and easily decorated surface for walls. You can also use strips of MDF to create textured patterns on a wall, which can then be consistently painted to give an attractive appearance. If looking to install MDF panelling within a humid environment like a bathroom or kitchen, you should opt for a moisture-resistant model. Fire-rated 25mm MDF boards can also be used as wall panelling in a communal building, aiding fire resistance. Alongside panelling, MDF can be used for a variety of internal joinery work in a building.


MDF is also used within the furniture industry, as it can be easily shaped and covered with melamine or other veneers. 25mm MDF sheets could therefore be used in cabinets, shelving, and more, decorated to suit a range of looks. 

Skirting Boards

MDF is also popularly used to manufacture skirting boards. As it can be shaped easily and either painted or faced, it is a great cost-effective choice to make skirting. The ease of sculpting MDF means that more complex designs can be achieved.

Our Selection of MDF Sheets For Sale

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