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There are loads of small DIY jobs around the home that many people will immediately call in a professional for. Of course, there’s an argument either way here.

Those in favour of a professional won’t feel as confident performing the task themselves and prefer the peace of mind that comes with bringing in an expert. You can rest assured the task will be carried out to a high standard.

On the other hand, you have those keen to learn and improve their skills. By doing DIY jobs you’ll save money on hiring a pro whilst furthering your knowledge. Of course, there’s the risk something may go wrong, but by following a guide and being both patient and meticulous, there’s no reason you can’t get there.

One of these such jobs is hanging internal doors. There is some skill required and as such, many people will reach straight for the phone book (we mean the Internet). With this comprehensive guide though, you can find out how to hang a door and achieve the perfect finish.

Step 1: Remove the Old Door

Before even thinking about hanging the new door, you’ll first need to remove and dispose of the old one (if there was a door fitted in the first place). This is easy enough though and simply requires you to unscrew the hinges.

Remove the screws from the lower hinge first, chipping away any old paint if necessary. Then remove the upper screws, Ensure the door is supported as you remove the very last screw, as doors are much heavier than they look.

Step 2: Cutting to Fit

Before securing your door, you’ll want to check if it’s a good fit. You can do this by either holding it into place in the frame or using your old door for guidance. Remember, when trimming your new door it’s wise to take away an equal amount from both the top and bottom. This helps to keep the door well-balanced.

There are a few ways to trim down the door. If it’s more than 6mm, a panel saw is ideal. Meanwhile, any less than 6mm and a hand or power plane are good to use. Once you’ve taken off the desired amount and know the door will be a good fit, sand it down and repaint it.

Our painting advice would be to follow the grain. This helps create a smooth and even finish. You should also consider a knotting solution for covering the wood knots first as this will prevent resin from seeping in. After painting, you can wipe down the door and apply a primer and paint.

Remember to take the carpet into account if it’s not yet laid and also wear goggles and other protective gear when using a saw.

Step 3: Attaching New Hinges

Now you’ll want to put the new hinges onto the doorframe (note we’re fixing to the frame first and not the door). Before screwing the hinges in you’ll want to ensure they sit flush.

Make sure the hinge pivots stick out from the frame edge and then rest your new door in the space, using wedges at the bottom so it’s the correct distance from the floor. Pencil mark where the hinges are going to fit on the new door.

hinge fix for doors

Step 4: Fixing the Hinges to the Door

Now it’s time to remove the hinges from the frame once again, so you can screw them into place on the pencilled mark. Ensure the hinge is sitting flush on the door and use one screw per hinge, to begin with. This gives you a little leverage to play with when it comes to fixing the hinges back to the frame.

You may well need to chisel a space for the hinge brackets to fit in your new door if they haven’t already been carved out. Outline the hinge into the side of the door and use a utility knife to score the lines. Be sure not to cut too deep – A few millimetres will do.

You’ll now need to chisel out the waste wood. You can score between the lines to make this easier if you wish. When using the chisel, only tap lightly to avoid damaging the door, until the hinge space has been carved out. You can flip the chisel over to scrape out the mortise and ensure it’s a clean and smooth finish, ready for the hinge to be attached.

Step 5: Hanging the Door Into Place

With the hinges attached to the door and marks in the frame, there’s only one thing left to do – Hang the door. You should seek the help of a friend or family member here as the door needs to fit in place whilst you’re screwing into position. If you can’t get help, use wedges to hold the door.

Use one screw for both the top and bottom hinge, before checking the door opens and closes with ease. If all is good, fix the remaining screws and clean up any mess made during the job.

If your door didn’t have a lockset already installed, you’ll need to fit this as well. Fortunately, most locksets come with full instructions so you’ll be able to follow them separately. Our only advice would be just to ensure not screwing the spindle on too tightly or the lock won’t turn.

Now, you should have successfully fitted the new door and will be ready to take on the next one in the future too. It wasn’t as hard as you thought, was it?

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