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Offering a firm, attractive look for homes and businesses, block paving bricks are used for paths, driveways and more, coming in a range of colours and sizes. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll take a look through the essentials of block paving bricks, showing their difference from standard bricks, their costs, and the methods through which they are installed.

What Are Block Paving Bricks?

Block paving is a method of creating a hard outdoor surface by installing bricks in a flat pattern. It can sometimes be called brick paving. Block paving is used for drives, patios, pavements, paths, and roads. It can be stylish and practical, making it a great solution for a range of needs. There will be a wide range of brick colours and patterns available, and different types of brick can be used together to create attractive visual detailing such as a border of a different colour around a path or block paving driveway. Block paving bricks will be designed specifically for use within paving, with different colours and sizes available to complement a range of properties.

What Types of Block Paving Bricks Are Available?

Unlike housing bricks where having a standardised size is hugely important, block paving bricks will vary in terms of size. This allows for a range of block paving patterns to be constructed, as well as for patterns made up of different-sized bricks, though popular options like 200 x 100 x 50mm are available. There will also be a range of colours, created through the use of additives or different types of clay. Here are some of the colour options available on paving products:

  • Grey: For a classic and unobtrusive look, grey paving blocks and bricks have been used to make paving for many years. Offering a natural appearance, these could be used for the driveway at an older property, or for creating a pathway within a garden.
  • Red: Red paving bricks, whether distressed or bright, can offer a great earthen look to a pathway or drive. You can opt for consistent colours, or a more varied model to create something eye-catching.
  • Charcoal: Offering a clean, deliberate look, charcoal block paving can be a sleek look, the ideal block paving to suit an angular and stylish contemporary building.
  • Black: Another sleek look for contemporary paving designs, black paving bricks can create an attractive patio or driveway toward a building.
  • Blue: “Blue” paving bricks are also available, which have only a hint of blue within their darker colours, and can be used to create stylish open spaces.

When buying block paving bricks you’ll be choosing between clay and concrete. Clay bricks offer better performance with less maintenance, but with a higher price tag than concrete, and a more limited pool of colours to choose from.

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What Do They Cost?

While the cost can vary depending on manufacturer and brick type, you’ll be looking at an average cost of £62.50 per m2 according to Checkatrade. Bricks are sold in pallets of between 400 and 600, with the numbers varying depending on the manufacturer. When calculating the cost of a patio, path, or driveway, the number of bricks in each pallet will need to be factored in. You can also use the number of bricks in a pallet to calculate the cost of each brick. The minimal maintenance needed can make them a cost-effective choice, and they will also add to the value of a home.

Installing Block Paving

Two methods can be used to install block paving bricks, flexible and rigid. The flexible method involves laying the bricks on a flattened bed with fine sand filling the gap between each brick. This can be either laid by hand or done using a machine. It will be vital to flatten the base before laying the bricks, to ensure a neat fit and consistent look. There will also need to be a sub-base to support the weight. The other method is rigid construction, which will use a mortar bed alongside mortar joints to install the paving firmly in place. The best option for you will depend on your budget and the needs of your paving project.

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