1st Oct 2019 -

Tough Mudder - September 2019

5k of mud, 15 team members, 13 of the UK's toughest obstacles and 2 charities.   

On Sunday 22nd September, we took part in the London South, Tough Mudder. The team not only ran 5k, but also completed 13 obstacles, such as 'The Block Ness Monster', 'Everest', 'Electroshock Therapy' (which I can assure you was not therapy) and many more! The obstacles were not easy, and we wouldn't have been able to overcome them if we didn't help each other and those around us. Every team member completed the course and we couldn't be prouder. We undertook this challenge to raise money for two very important charities; Abigail's Footsteps and Mind.  

In total we raised £2965 for Abigail's Footsteps, surpassing our target and raising enough money to donate a cold cot to Watford Hospital. If you would like to visit their page please click here. We also raised an outstanding amount of £1265 for mind, to raise awareness of mental health in young people. If you would like to visit their page or want to find out more about the charity please click here.

However, if you want to see our team getting down and dirty then just take a look at our photos below.